Ultra Gore 2 - A Dismemberment Mod

Ultra Gore 2 – A Dismemberment Mod | The Witcher 3

by Dona

Ultra Gore 2 always dismember enemies on kill.

Creator: Yoseppy Armineppy

Ultra Gore 2 – A Dismemberment Mod

Ultra Gore 2
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If you have the GOG version of the game and are experiencing script errors, please also download the SCRIPT ERROR FIX file from the downloads page.

Ultra Gore 2 is a mod that forces dismemberment on all dismember-able(?) enemies that the player kills. It does not make Geralt stronger, nor does it make the fight any easier. This is purely visual and has no bearing on gameplay.

To see it in action, watch the video below:

This mod is an updated version of my previous mod, Ultra Gore. This new version eliminates all of the limitations of the previous mod and finally allows for 100 percent dismemberment. It’s also fully compatible with Nexus Mod Manager now.

Ultra Gore 2


Download the desired version and place the modUltraGore2 folder in your Witcher 3 Install directory>mods directory. If the mods directory does not already exist, you must create it.

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📥 Download Ultra Gore 2 – A Dismemberment Mod

NOTE: If you use another mod that modifies the damageManagerProcessor.ws script file, you must merge them with script merger.


Delete the modUltraGore2 folder in the \mods directory.

Ultra Gore 2

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