Uneducated Shooter – QE Leaning and Gun Inertia | Fallout 4

by Gemma

Uneducated Shooter – QE Leaning and Gun Inertia is a WIP F4SE plugin that adds Tarkov style inertia to the gun animation and leaning mechanism.

Creator: Bingle

Uneducated Shooter Fallout 4

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  • Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)
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Uneducated Shooter – QE Leaning and Gun Inertia

Version Alpha 0.74

  • Bug fixed:
    • CTD related to several weapons with R6Style on
    • A little bit more polished collision
    • Third person camera now can stick to the wall
    • The player teleport occasionally

Version Alpha 0.73

  • Fixed the third-person leaning displacing the player


Uneducated Shooter – QE Leaning and Gun Inertia (WIP) require this file to use: Address Library for F4SE Plugins

This mod will help players in the Fallout 4 game improve overall gameplay as a shooter!!!

For customization, let open UneducatedShooter.ini located in F4SE/Plugins


Explore the inertia function in WIP F4SE plugin, one of the somethings most modern FPS games have in their animations that bring to you a feeling you are controlling the gun. It looks like this:

Uneducated Shooter

However, the gun stays intact with your camera in the Fallout 4 game. This Uneducated Shooter mod will simulate fake inertia rising your inputs, and bad arm conditions that make it harder for you to control the gun.

Customization for inertia

  • rotLimitX=8.0
  • rotLimitY=5.0
  • rotDivX=30.0
  • rotDivY=30.0
  • rotDivXPad=1.0
  • rotDivYPad=5.0
  • rotADSConditionMult=4.0
  • rotReturnDiv=1.2
  • rotReturnDivMin=1.05
  • rotReturnStep=0.0
  • rotDisableInADS=1

These customize setting above will be untouched, you can also change the rotation limits, how much inertia you’ll get according to your input, inertia strength, and whether it should be disabled in ADS or not.

Besides, you can lower rotDivX,Y to create stronger inertia. Lowering rotReturnDiv you will see your gun return to its original position.


Tarkov style inertia to the gun animation

Uneducated Shooter

Uneducated Shooter mod brings to you a leaning function, bound to Q, E as default will be your best first-person tactic available in Fallout 4.

  • Keys are customizable
  • Leaning angle, the time fully lean, leaning style can be customized through ini as well.

Leaning can be used in the third person, but it’s a bit wonky.

Customization for leaning

  • ToggleLean=0
  • LeanLeft=0x51
  • LeanRight=0x45
  • leanTimeCost=0.20
  • leanMax=15.0
  • leanMax3rd=30.0
  • ADSOnly=0
  • R6Style=0

How to play

  • Toggle lean makes leaning toggle, just tap Q or E button once to lean, and tap once again to return to the original position.
  • Keybinds include LeanLeft and LeanRight, you can check Virtual-Key Codes for values, if using a controller let check XINPUT_GAMEPAD.
  • If you wanna using mouse button to lean, follow this guide: M1=0x100 M2=0x101 M3=0x102 M4=0x103 M5=0x104
  • leanTimeCost is the time needed to fully lean in second.
  • leanMax is the max angle of lean for the first-person perspective. leanMax3rd use for the third person.
  • Setting ADSOnly=1 will make leaning only work when you’re aiming down sights, so in that way, you can keep E for interactions.
  • Setting R6Style=1 will enable Rainbow Six: Siege style leaning. Instead of rotating, the camera will teleport, but it might have some stuttering if you lean and switch your stance from sneak to stand or vice versa.

Dynamic Height

The vanilla gameplay in Fallout 4 couldn’t crouch under obstacles but now you can do it with Uneducated Shooter. If you get stuck such as teleportation, then you can simply disable it through: ini (dynamicHeight=0) or increase heightDiffThreshold.

Uneducated Shooter
nowmods download

? Download Uneducated Shooter – QE Leaning and Gun Inertia

More Credits:

The F4SE Team for Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)

Fudgyduff for Address Library and CommonLibF4

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