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Valheim Dragon Egg: How To Find and What To Do With Them?

by Dona

Valheim Dragon Eggs are one of the most difficult items to locate in Valheim. Moder, Valheim’s fourth boss must be summoned. However, it is difficult to locate. You can also take precautions to make the journey into the mountain simpler and less risky.
Here are some tips for preparing for your trip to the mountain biome. What to do with Dragon Eggs and where to find them.

How to safely continue exploring the mountains

Search the mountain biomes for dragon eggs. But before you go, there are a few things you should do to ensure your safety while exploring the iced peaks.

Making cauldrons and fermenters is an important part of making the best potions in Valheim.

  • All you need to make a cauldron are ten tins and a forge. If you don’t put the cauldron beyond a roaring campfire, it won’t work.
  • A fermenter requires 10 good wood, 5 copper, 10 turpentine, and a forge. Before the fermenters can function correctly, they must be covered.

Make a frost-resistant meadow with those two ingredients (2 bags of health, 1 Greydwarf eye, 10 honey, 5 thistles). Sipping some of this potion before climbing the mountain will avoid freezing for 10 minutes.

After you’ve made your pasture, you can go adventuring in the mountains to learn how to make wolf armor. Alternatively, after gaining knowledge of how to tame and breed wolves.

You can begin exploring once you’ve learned enough ways to stay warm in the mountains.

How to get warm clothes in Valheim

Valheim only provides two types of Frost Resistance Armor. The first armor set is Wolf Armor, which is widely regarded as the best armor in the game.

To unlock the warming effect, you won’t ought to equip the entire set of Wolf Armor. Frost resistance is provided by dressing the Wolf Armor Chest or Wolf Fur Cape.

You will need the mentioned materials to make Wolf Armor:

  • Wolf Armor Chest: x20 Silver, x5 Wolf Pelt, x1 Chain
  • Wolf Fur Cape: x4 Silver, x6 Wolf Pelt, x1 Wolf Trophy
valheim dragon egg
How to get warm clothes in Valheim

Where to look for Valheim Dragon Eggs

To start looking for dragon eggs, head to the Mountain biome. This biome is extremely difficult to navigate. Because of its high mountains and steep cliffs. As you jump and climb to the top, your stamina will be depleted. It’s also snowing, which is a problem if you don’t have the proper armor. Or enough frost resistance mead to keep you warm. Without them, you’d die as soon as you started climbing a snowy mountain. Furthermore, the Mountain biome is home to lethal creatures such as wolves, stone goblins, and fenrigs. It is also very common to have blind hurricanes that make it difficult to navigate.

Keep a watch out for dragons, small dragon-like creatures that pass overhead, once you’ve entered the Mountain biome. They will not, however, always build a sentry nest. Their nests are distinguished by small rock formations and glowing gems. These nests can carry a single black and scaly Valheim dragon egg with pink and red hues.

However, transporting the dragon eggs is far more difficult than finding them. Each egg has a weight of 200. It is by far the most massive object in Valheim. A player’s base carry weight is 300, so a single Valheim dragon egg will account for 2/3 of your load capacity. Even with the Merjinger belt (purchased from merchant Valheim), one’s carry volume increases to 350. The player can only carry one Valheim dragon egg at a time. Having an egg in your belongings will take up a lot of space that could be used for other things. When searching for dragon eggs, bring as little as possible.

valheim dragon egg
Valheim Dragon Eggs in Valheim

The best way to use Dragon Eggs

The fourth boss of Valheim, Moder, is summoned in the Mountain biome using dragon eggs. Because it is challenging to carry them. You ought to conduct your quest in the same area of the mountains where Moder can be called. If you come across an egg in the mountainous region. The Moder is in a different biome, so you’ll need to transport it there in order to use it.

valheim dragon egg
The best way to use Valheim Dragon Eggs 

Are you ready for some good news? Moder can be summoned with a total of three dragon eggs. If you’re playing alone, you’ll need to bring these eggs to Moder’s altar in order. Unless you use a Valheim cheat to make them appear. You sacrificed them on Moder’s altar. You can place an egg on Moder’s altar first, then return later to put a second or third egg. Even with friends to assist, it will be a difficult journey.

On the upside, you can take a Valheim dragon egg found near Moder’s summoning altar and return to a certain nest. The Valheim Dragon Egg will then be fully guaranteed in 480 minutes, or 8 hours.


The instructions for preparing and finding Valheim dragon eggs are included in the article. This is not an easy task, but if you follow the instructions, you will succeed. You’ll understand it quickly. Good luck, everyone.

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