Vanilla Weapons Redone

Vanilla Weapons Redone | Fallout 4

by Dona

Vanilla Weapons Redone retouchs of vanilla weapons.

Creator: Oh Deer

Vanilla Weapons Redone

Vanilla Weapons Redone
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I should deliver this a year prior, yet something put me off from doing that. However, here it is currently! Later on I plan to re-model a few weapons.


Vanilla Weapons Redone
Since this was propelled by zestoflemon Walther activitys I just made it resemble a Walther PPK. Just retexture.

44 Magnum

Vanilla Weapons Redone
Pristine extension and red spot sight.
Furthermore, various shades of shine sights.


Vanilla Weapons Redone
Simply a retexture up until this point, will add more skins later on.


nowmods download

Download Vanilla Weapons Redone:

? VWR – 44 Magnum

? VWR – Deliverer

? VWR – Minigun

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