V's Apartment Renovation

V’s Apartment Renovation | Cyberpunk 2077

by Dona

V’s Apartment Renovation is a couple of custom shading ranges and material blends to fix V’s loft in megabuilding H10.

Creator: fuxsart

V’s Apartment Renovation

V's Apartment Renovation
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V’s luxurious apartmentby TomFre

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Version 1.00

03/04/2021 Initial release
09/04/2021 V’s Apartment Renovation added some of the interior elements:

  • braindance machine
  • ceiling fan
  • desk chair_swap
  • desk chair_vanilla
  • bath rug
  • bean bag_chair
  • bean bag_cylinder
  • bedding


At first, the mod was considered as measured to permit join various shadings and materials with various pieces of the loft exclusively, relies upon your inclinations. However, during the time spent dealing with this, I needed to concede that this is too troublesome assignment for a tons of reasons and I would not make certain of a positive outcome eventually.

V's Apartment Renovation
In this way, here are a portion of the instant choices of V’s remodeled condo
V's Apartment Renovation


nowmods download

? Download V’s Apartment Renovation

Optional files:


To install unload the chronicle,

  • Find the organizer with the shadings blend you like, open it, duplicate just the document with .file augmentation and glue it into your mod envelope.
  • The way to the mod envelope is …\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
  • Make mod envelope if it doesn’t exist.
V's Apartment Renovation

Customize appearance of the interior

What’s more, you can likewise redo the presence of a portion of the inside components from the rundown beneath:

  • braindance machine
  • roof fan
  • work area seat
  • shower carpet
  • bean bag_chair
  • bean bag_cylinder
  • bedding
  • banners
  • stickers
V's Apartment Renovation
Tested with game version 1.31


Thanks to @rfuzzo for his CP77 Tools and to Discord modders and players community
Thanks to CDProject Red

Take care and enjoy!

V's Apartment Renovation

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