V’s Luxurious Apartment

V’s Luxurious Apartment | Cyberpunk 2077

by Dona

Fine people, here is a finished improve of V’s condo for extravagance darlings ! V’s Luxurious Apartment – Wood, marble and gold accents.

Creator: TomFre

V’s Luxurious Apartment

V’s Luxurious Apartment
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Appearance Menu Modby MaximiliumM
Cyber Engine Tweaksby Yamashiawpsoleet
V’s Apartment Renovationby fuxsart

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Here is V’s new home, a total kitchen with glasses and liquor so you can welcome a greater number of companions than you host to get-together, and all you wanted to prepare this dear feast that you love.

V’s Luxurious Apartment

With V’s Luxurious Apartment, securised office with every one of the most recent detectives and a self preservation shotgun (for good measure)
Additionally your deadly implement room has been refreshed to suit you flawless home.

V’s Luxurious Apartment

Then, at that point, in the wake of going through the day cleaning NC, you’ll can hardly wait to bounce in your marble shower so you can at long last Netflix&Chill in your comfortable love seat underneath (likely) the greatest guitar assortment prior to going to take a merited rest close to your prizes.

V’s Luxurious Apartment
The hardest thing will not be to pick this condo yet to receive in return.


nowmods download

📥 Download V’s Luxurious Apartment


  • UnZip and spot “Extravagance V FINAL.json” in
  • INGAME : Open AMM and go to Decor then select preset.
V’s Luxurious Apartment

Significant NOTE: If your game accident while charging preset or even can’t charge it, perhaps you previously made an excessive amount of wrong things with your ApearanceMenuMod so you’ll need to introduce it back to fix this.
The V’s Luxurious Apartment mod doesn’t work in case AMM is introduced through Vortex. AMM must be introduced physically straightforwardly.

V’s Luxurious Apartment

Don’t forget to ENDORSE the mod if you like it. ENJOY

I also want to thank everyone who create awesome and insane mods so they made this possible ! THANK YOU GUYS !

V’s Luxurious Apartment

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