WhyEm's DLC Red Dead Redemption 2

WhyEm’s DLC | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Dona

So, how did you get started as a stuntman?

Creator: WhyEm

WhyEm’s DLC

WhyEm's DLC Red Dead Redemption 2
nowmods information

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Lenny’s Mod Loader RDRLatest Version
Online Content Unlocker (version.dll alternative)Required for Red Dead Offline Edition… (Option 2)
RDR 2 Asi Loader (aka version.dll)Required for Red Dead Offline Edition… (Option 1)
Red Dead Redemption 2 | A legit copy of the gameCan be any official version of the game such as steam, epic etc..
ScriptHookScriptHookRDR2.dll + dinput8.dll

Mods requiring this WhyEm’s DLC file

Mod nameNotes
Arthur Black Hair (Why’em new hairstyles fix)
Arthur Hair Colors
Bronco’s Concoctions and CuisinesIf you use WhyEmDLC only.
Economy Rebalance
Exquisite Surplus EquipmentJoin Eastern’s Discord for the Merge (Required for complete features)
john and Arthur get tattoosnot necessary, but use if you want to REMOVE SHIRT.
Old Arthur Morgan 1919
Realistic Economy RebalanceWhyEm’s DLC Red Dead Offline Edition
UPDATED GTX 1650 CONFIGrecommended for nice clothing

Credits and distribution rights

  • Assets of other users: All of the assets in this WhyEm’s DLC file are either the author’s or free-to-use modder’s resources.
  • Upload authorization: Under no circumstances may you upload this WhyEm’s DLC material to other websites.
  • Permission to modify: You must obtain my permission before modifying my WhyEm’s DLC files in order to enhance them.
  • Permission to convert: Under no circumstances are you permitted to convert this WhyEm’s DLC file for use in other games.
  • Permission to utilize an asset: You must obtain my permission before using any of the materials in this WhyEm’s DLC file.
  • Asset use authorization in purchased mods/files: This file’s assets may not be used in any modifications or files that are sold for money on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Permission to utilize assets in mods/files that earn donation points: You cannot earn Donation Points for your modifications if they use my materials.

Author notes

  • You can manipulate the file for your own use
  • You cannot redistribute the file or retextures at all
  • You cannot edit my textures and redistribute them

File credits

Mod Assistance

  • LMS
  • Bob Ross
  • Bolmin
  • Majestic253
  • RampageDev
  • iAbokai
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version Final
    • Update Details:

      – Re-introduced RDR2 Enhanced Edition
      – Added compatibility with my GunGrips* mod
      – Removed some duplicates and experimental models
      – Added much more spelling mistakes
      – Revised some textures
      – Increased weapon lods; well just a bit

      – 5+ Neckwear variations
      – 5+ Shirt Variations
      – 5+ Gunbelt variations
      – 10+ Vest variations
      – 10+ Coat variations

      Probably more than that cause we crossed 2500 items long time ago.. and thats being modest

      * and such

      This update is codenamed
      Eh S’Talanted…
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • update Details:

      – Separated the vest menus
      – Added some spelling mistakes
      – Removed experimental models

      – Vests 5
      – Coats 11
      – Neckwear variations 20+

      Also added about 10+ horse moustaches, similar to the masks i added they will occupy the mane slot so it will always default to your Horses OG hair. To remove, wear a mask or use the remove mask option.

      I’ll probably fix this once I’m done playing uncharted. Or not… who knows.

      This update is codenamed
      The Place Beyond the C
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • Update Details

      Made both versions of the mod work with DX12.

      Also added
      – coats, belts, gunbelts, Iguana hats and neckwear variations. (See latest image for a snippet)

      This update is codenamed
      The Hard Goodbye
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • Update Details

      Mainly wanted to add matching vests to the clothin style from
      ended up addin mo.. cuz am s’talented

      – Edited some textures
      – Revised all Thomson vests
      – Updated names
      – Added a “remove horse mask” option

      Remember adding horse accessories will not allow you to sit on your horse they are for pics
      For now, to remove the newly added horse accessories
      – First two can be removed by equipping any horse saddlebag
      – Rest can be removed by equipping a damn saddle

      Also Added
      – Pants 4 variations
      – USTS 5 variations
      – Jorongos 5 variations
      – Coats 5+ variations
      – Neckwear 5+ variations
      – Vests 15+ Variations

      am bein s’modest… prob added mo
      Calling the new style; satin for now, cuz name don mah

      This update is codenamed
      I’m your huckleberry
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • Update Details

      – Edited some textures
      – Edited Catalog images
      – Added missing pants section
      – Removed duplicates
      – Added place holders
      – Updated names
      – Split the files. don’t worry just do a clean install of the mod as always

      – Few Shirts 5+ variations
      – Few Pants 10+ variations
      – Few Coats 20+ variations

      Thats about it.
      oh yeah… added 50 variations of horse masks & some heavy horse accessories

      Note that you’ll not be able to ride your horse when wearing a heavy horse accessory. will fix later… or not
      You can override that by using “Teleport to Horse” via rampage trainer

      Now go…. and enjoy this mod… the most photographed rdr mod.

      This update is codenamed
      no seriously… ya’gah no boyf?
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • Update Details :

      – Edited some textures
      – Updated some item names and kept some errors
      – Changed weapon components file

      – Made it possible to equip the winter Gunslinger belt (its called High Gunslinger belt)
      Added versions of it so make sure to press the LB/RB buttons to see them (Or whenever you see the prompt at the trapper)

      – All of the regular/Arthur primers holsters will adjust to the new belt position if you pair them.

      – The high gunbelt will automatically remove a belt if you’re wearing one so they don’t overlap and clip

      – Made the High Gunslinger belts available as a regular belt so you can wear it with other gunbelts
      – Added a few shirt variations

      – Added placeholders for things to come

      and some stuff that I don’t recall at the moment but i do remember adding an “ass cup”

      This update is codenamed
      Textures….aren’t we all
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • Update Details :

      – Revisited all the outfits and removed the gunslinger belt from them. seems like it was causing some issues for some.
      – Recategorized the belts (ones i added and the ones in vanilla). should resolve some issues with saving.
      This means you have to buy them all over again. (Belts not gunbelt)

      – Revisited some strings
      – Forgot to re enable the preview for the accessories menu; will do it when i have time
      You can still see it once you but it.

      – 10+ pants variations
      – 15+ coat variations

      This update is codenamed
      13 Catalogs

  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • Update Details :
      – Removed floating bullets from all double bandoliers
      – Made the accessories visible again while browsing items
      – Resolved save outfit issue for some users
      – Moved the small bullets to the accessories menu
      – Re organized the belts section introducing other versions of the custom belt
      – Re enabled one outfit
      – Removed a duplicate entry
      – Added some spelling mistakes
      – Made up some words

      – V2 of custom ammunition belt
      – V2 of the weathered belt
      – V2 of the weathered pistol belt ( pair V2 gun belts with holsters )
      – Added a new collection of bandoliers, belts and gun belts. Look for the Virtuous & Blasphemous items.

      Special thanks to all the users for the downloads.
      I can finally enjoy a lifetime access to brazzers

      Huge thanks to my Patreon members for testing

      This update is codenamed
      Blasphemous Virtue

  • WhyEm’s DLC Version
    • Update Details:
      – Few Strings
      – The Primary Holster category layout

      – Gunbelt
      – Holster

      This update is codenamed
  • WhyEm’s DLC Version

    • Update Details:

      – Montana coat textures
      – John’s classic hat tilt… I think I like this one

      – Pants variations
      – Vest variations
      – Coat variations
      – Hats; not sure how many but if you stack up the color variations you’ll count 100+

      Also, since I don’t like any of those hats; I decided to get back into texturing. Made a new saddle (technically 6 if you count the 3 color variations and lantern upgrade.) Its called The Scorpion

      This update is codenamed
      Inglorious Catalog


2500+ New Items

THE EyePatch
Leather Coats & Jackets
Belts & Such


WhyEm’s Wardrobe – At the Trapper
WhyEm’s Hairdos – At the Barber
WhyEm’s Beards – At the Barber
WhyEm’s Saddles – At the Stable
WhyEm’s Carvings, Grips & Tints – At the Gun store
Eye patch’s included… and I don’t mean just the one that Micah wears


Option to remove shirts, satchels, suspenders, holsters, gunbelts and so on
Dedicated menus for knife sheaths, ammunition belts. accessories and more
Saddle components such as lassos, scabbards, bow mounts and lanterns
Custom collar options at the wardrobe’s modify menu
Matching NPC hair color for John
Fixes the Winter Gunslinger outfit’s collar clipping with the neckerchief
Fixes the the weathered gunbelt clipping while in motion


Run the game & launcher as administrator
Always use the latest version of the mod, scripthook and LML
Check for mod conflicts and use the mod manager to identify or set priorities
I made this for my copy of the game which happens to be a legit version
Using a cracked version may give you FFFFFFFFFFF
If the WhyEm’s DLC mod is available for downloading then it means it works
Backup your saves

Installation Notes

Detailed installation guide is in the installation section below with a video guide
Don’t attempt to install this mod if this is your first time installing RDR mods
Don’t use LML’s download manager or any download manager for this mod
Perform clean installs of the mod when updating from a previous version:

  • Equip a vanilla outfit removing all components added by the mod
  • Clean your saved outfits and slots from modded outfits
  • Save and then quit the game
  • Delete the mod
  • Then install the mod (if you are updating)

Do not uninstall the mod with one of the main items unequipped such as

  • Satchels
  • Holsters
  • Sheaths
  • and so on

Extra Notes

My Items are under the WhyEm menus
Items added by the Red Dead Offline merge are compliment of the RDO team
I don’t take any credit for them nor am I responsible for their functionality
Red Dead Offline requires verison.dll the standard version does not

Clipping is not an issue; It is minimized but expected
Some items aren’t meant for gameplay. They’re meant for pics
Some menus may not trigger the preview cam like the outfits menu so:

  • View the hats menu then navigate to the menu mentioned
  • Same goes for Belts

Don’t use pomade on the new hairdos; Fix it with Rampage Trainer if you did
If you wear a belt that is meant for John or Arthur :

  • Equip/buy a knife sheath corresponding to the player

If you have a belt stock on you then:
Do a clean install like I stated above
You would have gotten to this point if you had read the above

Heavy horse accessories are meant for pics, so for now:
You wont be able to ride the horse if you have it on, will fix later… or not
However, you can override that by using “Teleport to Horse” via rampage trainer
For now, to remove the newly added horse accessories

  • First two can be removed by equipping any horse saddlebag
  • Rest can be removed by equipping a damn saddle


First make sure you install LML and that it is working

Step One

  • Download the Latest version of ScriptHook
  • Place in your RDR2 folder
  • Install LML
  • Run any RDR mod that uses LML to verify its working

Step Two

Standard Edition
  • Download WhyEm’s DLC standard edition version
  • Unpack contents in lml folder
  • Play game

Step Two

Red dead Offline Edition
  • Download Red Dead Offline and install it
  • Verify Red Dead Offline by running it first
  • Download WhyEm’s DLC Red Dead Offline Edition
  • Unpack all contents in lml folder
  • Overwrite when prompted
  • Play game
nowmods download

This mod also contains 172 archived file(s) which are unavailable to browse. If you’re unable to see a file you’ve previously downloaded, it may have been archived.

Main files

?WhyEm’s DLC
Perform a clean install of the mod
I recommend equipping a vanilla outfit and then saving before installing
Choose either this, the Enhanced or the Red Dead Offline Edition
This update is codenamed
Eh S’Talanted…
?WhyEm’s DLC RDR2 Enhanced Edition
COMPATIBLE with RDR2 Enhanced Edition by Bolmin
has all the features of the standard edition
You will need to install RDR2 Enhanced Edition by Bolmin before installing this version
Choose either this, the Standard or the Red Dead Offline Edition
?WhyEm’s DLC Red Dead Offline Edition
COMPATIBLE with Red Dead Offline
has all the features of the standard edition
You will need to install Red Dead Offline before installing this version
Choose either this, the Standard or the Enhanced Edition


WhyEm's DLC Red Dead Redemption 2
WhyEm's DLC Red Dead Redemption 2
WhyEm's DLC Red Dead Redemption 2
WhyEm's DLC Red Dead Redemption 2
WhyEm's DLC Red Dead Redemption 2


LMS for permissions, LML and guidance
Dexyfex for CodeX, the man is a legend
Rollschuh2282 for his datamining skills
SergeantJoe for his tools
Senexys for cracking the catalog
Bolmin for the Horse Scabbard & Horse Lantern
QwardNaffle for his assistance in exploring the possibilities
 Majestic253 for all the great work
RampageDev for the tools and all the support
iAbokai for the heavy neckwear & resting belt expressions

Browse for more Red Dead Redemption 2 mods


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