Winter Grass Stardew Valley

Winter Grass | Stardew Valley

by Gemma

Winter is the fourth season in Stardew Valley which can be a challenging season for farmers as well as with Crops, Grass, and Weeds because it will make these things dying out… But don’t worry guys, let’s come to Winter Grass mod and see what this mob can do for your farm in the winter season!

Creator: Cat

Winter Grass Stardew Valley

nowmods information

Off-site: It will require SMAPI

Mods require this file

Mod nameNotes
Spolszczenie do Stardew Valley Expanded (polish translation for Stardew Valley expanded)
Stardew Valley ExpandedThis mod prevents all of the custom grass from dying in winter
Stardew Valley Expanded – Bahasa Indonesia
Stardew Valley Expanded – French
Stardew Valley Expanded – JAPANESE
Stardew valley Expanded Version FR
Ce mod empêche toutes les herbes personnalisées de mourir en hiver
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    Don’t upload the file to other websites in any cases
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    You are allowed to modify the file to improve it with the creator permission
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  • Resource use authorization in mods/records that procure gifts focuses:
    You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods in the event that they utilize my resources.

❗️ Some notes from Author:

This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions

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This author has not credited anyone else in this file

Winter Grass Stardew Valley

Version 2.0.3

  • Bug fixed: the grass color doesn’t change to winter colors after placing down new grass in winter

Version 2.0.1

  • Added: missing documentation
  • Removed: unnecessary optional dependency
  • Refactored implementation

Version 2.0.0

  • Fixed some bugs/lag
  • Winter Grass mob will convert over the old save format. It was saving on the mod folder, now saving in the game’s folder
  • If your saved grass folder disappears everything went right!


This mod works with SDV 1.5 – download version 2.0.3!

Once Winter Grass Stardew Valley is added to your game, all grass will survive through winter. Everyone knows the default game, it disables grass growth in winter to be more balanced. For now, you can change this by modifying the config.json file

If you are updating before/after version 2.0.0, you have to read the information below:

  • Before version 2.0.0
    • Make sure you don’t overwrite the Saved Grass folder that is inside of the mod folder
    • Hold your grass in the winter. If you delete it, your grass will disappear
    • Winter Grass Stardew Valley mob will automatically move the grass into your save file and remove the folder on its own
  • After version 2.0.0: The Saved Grass folder no longer exists because all the grass is saved in the save file, so players don’t need to worry about that


Winter Grass mod requires SMAPI at least version 3.8 by Pathoschild

nowmods download

? Download Winter Grass Stardew Valley

Place this mod to the WinterGrass folder in your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

Note: If you get a SMAPI error and it’s saying that it could not be installed because of a missing mod dependency, please update your SMAPI version to at least v2.9.

For multiplayer: The hosting player must have the mod installed for the mod to work, but players who join can also have it installed without any problems. It means if only players who join have it installed in MP, It also will not work.

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