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Mind-blowing RE7 VR Mod – Brings true VR to the PC

by Dona

Whenever zombies or the horror genre are addressed. The Resident Evil series must be included. And it appears that Resident Evil: Village will use all available resources to give you the scare of a lifetime. While the game’s demo was sufficient to keep us preoccupied with contemplation for more than a week. Our stomachs turned at the details of disgusting and horrific things.

A sequel to Resident Evil 7 is Resident Evil: Village. And this time, we get to watch the plot develop through the eyes of Ethan. Who looks to a mystery settlement for answers.

Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes were both introduced to VR by the renowned modifier. They went above and beyond to make the Resident Evil universe accessible to you through a virtual reality headset. Praydog has updated this time and added some previously outstanding changes. To make Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard available on PCVR in its entirety with 6DOF.

Vivid realistic graphics

The village also seems to be pretty attractive in virtual reality. It was fun to explore the various sceneries. Additionally, some of the far vistas across the village towards the far-off mountain ranges took my breath away. One of its most beautiful aspects is playing Resident Evil Village in virtual reality. Finally being able to fully understand the breadth of some enemies Particularly, Ms. Dmitrescu appears to be much more powerful in VR than in the apartment. It turns out that I was completely unaware of how much more superior to her girls she was.

RE7 VR Mod
Vivid realistic graphics

Hand interactions have changed in RE7 VR Mod

What’s more, these new motion controllers provide some extra immersive touches, which makes this even more stunning. Such as the capacity to block with your hands in front of your face. Or the capacity to heal yourself physically by hauling a medicine container over your shoulder. And simply pouring its contents over Your hand (the default).

For each game, Praydog has implemented complete 6DOF VR functionality, replacing the flatscreen experience. complete support for motion controllers and VRIK. According to the mod’s Github website, functionality for motion controllers is currently under development. But as things are, the additional controls already help to enhance the immersion of the experience.

Players of RE7 VR Mod and Village may now utilize their hands-free controllers while playing thanks to these motion controls. You are free to walk around madly flailing your arms in front of your own face. Combat becomes far more engrossing as a result, making it even more chaotic to retreat from Lycans.

You can shoot with your hands freely when you have motion controls. Instead of being constrained to Resident Evil 7’s PSVR “shoot where you look” control paradigm. Look at this as well as the full-body model. increases immersion tremendously and gives some of the tense Village fights a very realistic appearance.

RE7 VR Mod
Hand interactions have changed in RE7 VR Mod

Not for the weak of heart or those who are easily scared

Graphically realistic in VR mode. If you stand directly in front of the zombie, it will make your arms and legs shake and frighten you. As a result, the game’s complexity multiplies while being consistently engaging. We shall be able to see the game’s universe more clearly thanks to realistic visuals. Therefore, anyone who is timid or easily alarmed should think twice before playing.

For PC VR fans who like to experiment

Google Stadia’s Resident Evil Village was made available in May 2021. Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In our review of the first-person survival horror game. The combination of violence and frights in Village has been dubbed “the ultimate concoction of horror and action.”

RE7 VR Mod did get a VR release, however it was only available on PlayStation. Additionally, it missed a number of basic functionality that Praydog has subsequently included in his PC version modifications. So you might not be fully unfamiliar with playing RE7 VR Mod in VR. But I can promise you that these modifications completely revitalize the experience.

Having said that, here is one of our first glimpses of the Game of the Year winner on Steam. The Resident Evil Village VR version. While many found it disappointing that Village will not be receiving the PSVR release that its predecessor did, Praydog kept up his excellent work and gave us a special VR mod for the game.

You may test out the mods for yourself on Praydog’s Github. And if you wish to help him continue his work with modifications. He may also be backed on Patreon. But be cautious. The RE7 VR Mod and Village modifications are far from perfect. In either case, they deliver a thrilling, breathtaking experience. They do have certain shortcomings, though. The modifications are still in the works, and criticism is welcome on the Github page!

If you’re not a PC gamer but want to experience some Resident Evil mayhem. Later this year Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7 will be released on next-generation systems! Meanwhile, tell us what Resident Evil adventure you’d want to see on VR next.


Praydog, a master modder, was previously more restricted to studios. How to completely integrate 6DOF VR into RE7 VR Mod and Resident Evil Village on PC is a significant development. This enables PC gamers to enjoy the game to its fullest. For additional Resident Evil mods, check out our website.



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