Demon Hunter Class - Slayer of the Illidari

Demon Hunter Class – Slayer of the Illidari | Baldur’s Gate 3

by Dona

The heroic Demon Hunter Class from World of Warcraft is brought to BG3 via this mod. This mod has completely customized spells and VFXs, bespoke armor, and a legendary starting weapon (Warglaives of Azzinoth).

Creator: VivaSortiara

Demon Hunter Class – Slayer of the Illidari

Nowmods requirements

Mod nameNotes
Baldur’s Gate 3 Mod FixerRequired to fix the Character Creation glitch. Otherwise you’ll see a scene with nude guys when creating a new character.
ImprovedUI ReleaseReadyImportant: Download both the main file and the optional ImprovedUI Assets to get icons working

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Bauldur’s Gate 3 Script ExtenderPlease use the most recent version
ImprovedUI AssetsImportant: Download both the main file and the optional ImprovedUI Assets to get icons working

Credits and distribution rights

  • Assets of other users: All of the assets in this Demon Hunter Class file are either the author’s or free-to-use modder’s resources.
  • Upload authorization: Under no circumstances may you upload this material to other websites.
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  • Permission to utilize assets in mods/files that earn donation points: You cannot earn Donation Points for your modifications if they use my materials.

Notes from the Author
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File credits
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  • Version v1.0.4
    • Minor Rebalance:
      1. Metamorphosis ability boost decreased from 50% to 25%.
      2. Throw Glaive now has a 25 Fury Cost on hit
      3. Warglaives of Azzinoth’s enchantment now scales with your character’s level.

      Warglaives of Azzinoth are added to the LegendaryItems Release Update summary bag. I intended to keep only 1 copy of the Glaives in the game and not obtainable through mid-game, so the only legit way to get the glaives is via creating a new character. If you need extra copies of the game, you’ll need cheating methods like Cheat Engine/the LegendaryItems Release Update mod.
  • Version v1.0.3
    • Changed Metamorphosis into a teleport spell. Now companions won’t automatically cast this spell when trying to jump. Added Metamorphosis transformation for non-binary genders (they will now transform into the male DH model)
  • Version v1.0.2
    • Fixed the wrong ability point distribution (from Strength/Charisma to Dexterity/Charisma) when creating a new character.
  • Version v1.0.1
    • Fixed the metamorphosis keybinding issue and refined Blade Dance spell description.
  • Version v1.0.0
    • Initial Public Release


  • This mod adds the hero class Demon Hunter from World of Warcraft into BG3.
  • The mod contains 20+ custom spells/passives with customized VFX to fit the Illidari vibe.
  • The mod also adds the Wargalives of Azzinoth as a starter wepon for the Demon Hunter class.
Demon Hunter Class - Slayer of the Illidari

Class Overview

You were unprepared. The adversary entered our earth with the sole intention of extinguishing all life. They killed our family members. They destroyed our homes, cities, and holy sites. You attempted to stop them… but failed. So you came to me, nothing but wrath and determination left in you, and you discovered that the things that formerly tortured you might now give you strength. Now you understand that no sacrifice is too great if it means putting an end to the Burning Legion.

Demon Hunter Class - Slayer of the Illidari
  • The Demon Hunter class provides a unique game play experience through its key mechanic – MetamorphosisMetamorphosis allows the Demon Hunter to embrace their darkness and turn into a powerful demon for a limited time, gaining boosts on all its abilities.
  • The Demon Hunter class utilizes a unique action resource called Fury. Certain Demon Hunter spells would consume Fury and others will generate Fury.
  • The Demon Hunter class is proficient with light armor and dual wielding martial weapons. Forgoing heavy armor, demon hunters capitalize on speed and mobility. The class’s primary ability is Dexterity and uses Charisma to cast spells.
Demon Hunter Class - Slayer of the Illidari
  • The Demon Hunter class has two subclasses – Havoc and Vengeance:
  1. Havoc Demon Hunters are brooding masters of warglaives and the destructive power of Fel magic. They are agile melee damage dealers, swiftly closing in on their foes and invoking infernal might to unleash devastating doom.
  2. Vengeance Demon Hunters embrace the demon within to incinerate enemies and protect their allies. They are capable of cleaving souls off their oponents, healing themselves with damaging abilities, and actively blocking damage with their demonic spikes.
  • When embarking on a fresh quest, the Demon Hunter class starts with a pair of legendary weapons known as the Warglaives of Azzinoth. These exceptional armaments will evolve and unlock  new passive abilities as your Demon Hunter character levels up.


Download and unzip the mod and Install the .pak file via BG3 Mod Manager (Recommended)

Known Conflicts:

  1. This mod has a customized facial tatto (used while in Demon Form) that replaces the original #14 tattoo, other mods modifing facial tattos will overwrite this change.
  2. This mod modifies the Male/Female/MaleStrong/FemaleStrong base model & Female Cambion Wing animation banks. Other mods modifing animations will likely conflict with this mod and will result no animation for certain spells (mainly BladeDance and Cambion Flying)
nowmods download

Download Demon Hunter Class

Optional files:
WoWDemonHunterClassExtraFeat – 1 Feat Per 2 LevelsThis optional file gives you 1 extra feat per 2 levels, load AFTER the main file.
WoWDemonHunterClassExtraFeat – 1 Feat Per LevelThis optional file gives you 1 extra feat per 2 levels, load AFTER the main file.
WoWDH – Facial TattooThis tattoo replaces the original #14 Tattoo to give DH a more demonic look (check mod picture)

To install, unzip this mod in the game’s data folder: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data
Demon Hunter Class - Slayer of the Illidari

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