Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3

Level 20 (Multiclass) | Baldur’s Gate 3

by Dona

This Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3 mod allows your characters to achieve level 20 if they multiclass and have no more than 12 classes.

Creator: Malcroix

Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3

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  • Version 1.3
    • Added a fix for vendors not having gold in inventories if character level is above 12.
  • Version 1.1
    • Reduced XP requirements for Faster 20 version to enable reaching 20 in game
  • Version 1.0
    • Original version Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3


This mod allows you to reach level 20, but you must multiclass so that no single class exceeds 12. 
While this will not get you maxwin77 higher level spells and abilities (because there are no such spells and abilities in game currently, they have to be modded in), it still allows a wide variety of powerful multiclassed builds.
– Take the 12th level last, because otherwise the game will try to level your class to 13 on next level-up and crash. So like this: Fighter 11/Barbarian 8/Fighter 12;
– Multiclass spell slot table does not go beyond 12, so even if you take 20 levels in casting classes, you will still get no more than 12 levels worth of spell slots;
– Same rules apply to companions).

The mod comes in three variants:

Option 1: Regular leveling
XP required for each level are the same as vanilla for 1-12, and build off vanilla progression for 13-20. However, there is of course not so much XP available in the game itself, so this option is not for those who  want to get to 20, but those who want to play “fairly” and see if they can squeeze 1 or 2 more “honest” levels out of vanilla BG3, by doing all there is to do.

Option 2: Faster leveling
XP required for each level is halved, and higher level XP is more lenient. You should be able to reach at least level 18, maybe more depending on how much XP is in the game.

Option 3: Instant leveling
To reach level 20, only 200 XP are needed. This option is mainly for testing out level 20 builds, or breezing through the game on subsequent playthroughs. Not recommended for serious gameplay.

Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3
Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3


  2. Put the file in the game’s INSTALLATION FOLDER (e.g. for users with Steam, it will be something like steamapps/common/Baldur’s Gate 3)
  3. Right-click on file
  4. Choose Extract here
  5. The file should now unpack and AUTOMATICALLY create all the necessary folder structure.
    It should look like this:
    [Baldur’s Gate 3]/Data/Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data/XPData.txt
    [Baldur’s Gate 3]/Data/Public/SharedDev/Stats/Generated/Data/XPData.txt
  6. Now launch the game, disregarding the “warning message” in the Larian launcher.
    The changes should now be in effect.
nowmods download

Download Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3 files:

Main files
📥Level 20 (Double rate)Level up to 20 at roughly double the XP rate of vanilla (multiclass with no class is higher than 12). Actual level will depend on amount of XP in game. Vendor fix included.
📥Level 20 (Instant rate)This allows reaching level 20 almost instantly (only 200 XP required). Mainly for testing builds. Not recommended for normal gameplay. Multiclassing required, no class higher than 12. Vendor fix included.
📥Level 20 (Normal rate)Level up to 20 (provided you multiclass) at vanilla rate. Probably will get you no more than 1-2 extra levels, depending on how much XP is in game. Vendor fix included.
Optional file
📥Vendor FixFixes the issue of vendors not having gold for level 13+ characters. (Not required if using mod version 1.3 and above, as it is included by default)

Level 20 (Multiclass) Baldur’s Gate 3 compatible with my Fast XP to level 6 mod (install the level 6 option on top of this mod, overwrite when prompted).


Once you reach level 12, you may have problems with vendor inventories, as vendor maxwin77 tables appear to be related to character level (for some inexplicable reason), and levels greater than 12 are not usually accommodated. A patch is provided by default in mod versions 1.3 and higher, and it is also accessible separately under “Optional File” (a long rest may be required to refresh vendor inventories).

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  1. Level 20 (Multiclass)
  2. Level 20 (Multiclass)

    I’m not able to find the See Through Scopes patch, and the patch is not included in the STS add-ons.…

  3. Level 20 (Multiclass)

    Maybe I’m blind but I can’t find the patch on the STS pages – is it still available somewhere?

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