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BackyardCraft (512x 256x 128x 64x) | Minecraft Texture Packs

by Dona

BackyardCraft Texture Packs is a realistic resource pack that includes a variety of resolutions and normal maps. This is available in four resolutions, adds realistic graphics to Minecraft without killing it.

Creator: TheAwesomeKielbasa

BackyardCraft Texture Packs

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Most photo realistic resource packs, at least the ones I’ve seen, use perfect textures, such as neat, orderly grass, smooth stone, and pretty dirt. While this may be beneficial to some, it is vexing to me, owing to the fact that the real world is not always neat, orderly, and smooth. BackyardCraft Texture Packs are not intended to be neat, orderly, or smooth. It’s supposed to be rough, run-down, and as realistic as I can make it. If you have any suggestions for improving the realism, please leave them in the comments.

  • If your computer is capable, I recommend using the 256×256 or 512×512 versions.
  • Minecraft 1.12 is now compatible with this texture packs. (The 1.6.4-1.8.9 versions are still available for download.)
  • Normal Maps are currently only available on the x512 and x256 versions of the resource pack and require a shader mod that supports them, such as Continuum.
  • The screenshots were taken with 256x version.


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Download BackyardCraft Texture Packs:

? BackyardCraft 64 x 64
? BackyardCraft 128 x 128
? BackyardCraft 256 x 256
? BackyardCraft 512 x 512


Step 1: Download and install Optifine (to install it, double click the downloaded file and click install)
Step 2: Download desired shaders pack, such as GLSL Shaders or Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders
Step 3: Place the zippered shaders folder in your shaderpacks folder located
at C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\shaderpacks
Step 4: Launch Minecraft with the Optifine profile.
Step 5: Go to options, video settings and shaders. Click on the shaders you installed.
Step 6: Enjoy!


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