Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map in Minecraft

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls | Minecraft Map

by Dona

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map create the world of Nirn in Minecraft Java Edition.

Creator: Iceburg

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map in Minecraft

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map in Minecraft
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Instructions Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map from the author

Credits should be filed
In this Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map file, the author has not given credit to anybody else.

1.0 – Initial Release: Broad Strokes
-Proper ocean level
-All of Tamriel has complete biomes / terrain. (Note I will be updating these with more precision to lore. See future updates for more).

1.4 times bigger than original resource map, almost a 1:1 scale from in game elder scrolls game. (1.8x original was 1:1, but that made the map 3 gigs instead of 1.3 gigs, and I thought that was too big. I got lost. 😉
-Imperial City, Jail, and mages tower in game (some interiors)
-Complete Battlethorn Castle (Oblivion DLC)
-Coordinates of all of the cities! These are approximations and may be adjusted as cities are added

Next up I’ll be adding some more detail to the Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map and hopefully adding some more cities. Check out the Future Features section!


Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map seeks to recreate the whole realm of Nirn (from the Elder Scrolls series) in Minecraft. This project will include all of Tamriel, Mehrunes Dagon’s kingdom of Oblivion, and Sovngarde, thanks to donations from builders like you.

Landscape and biomes will be as similar to lore as possible, and cities will be reconstructed. I’ll be accepting model contributions (see making a contribution) and will be combining standard Minecraft models, contributed models, and voxelized meshes from the original games to reconstruct towns and landmarks myself. (See progress to see what is finished today.) I’m also aiming to put together a complementary texture pack, which I’ll link to once it’s available into Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map.

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map in Minecraft
Map of Tamriel in Minecraft

*Note: The MCEdit file is actually an excel you can use to teleport to different locations!
A detailed excel file of Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map can be downloaded in place of a Schematic file. The excel details progress by country and city, with fast travel coordinates, notes, and contribution credits.

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map in Minecraft


  • Download and extract the file and place the “Tamriel in Minecraft” folder in your C:UsersAppDataRoaming.minecraftsaves folder
  • You may want to considering downloading the navigation/progress excel. (See the schematic download). It can be used to easily warp from one location to another. While the initial release excel is mostly blank, I will have it entries filled at the next update.
nowmods download

?CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map in Minecraft

These are features I’d like to / am planning on adding:


  • Better Mountains
  • Cyrodiil more detail in biomes to better match lore


  • Mehrunes Dagon’s realm of Oblivion (Oblivion from Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion)
  • Sovngarde (From Skyrim)


  • More models / cities (based on contributions)
  • Voxelized models (Still need to figure out if possible / how I’ll go about it)

Read more: Crater Lake Minecraft Map


Possibly fast travel button/command block system (Would you want a button fast travel system?)
I’m also planning on making a texture pack that combines elements of other Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map texture packs and is designed for this project, but I may not release it until we’re into 1.5, so that I can design it with the individual textures.


Bethesda, for the awesome Elder Scrolls Series
Mojang, for making Minecraft!
Worldpainter, for being a powerful, easy to use, and free piece of software
MCEdit, for making it easy to combine multiple works and managing chunks / buildings
The UESP wiki for lore info, and the map I based my locations on.

Contributions are the lifeblood of our project! If I don’t receive any contributions for a city, I’ll make it from of models from existing cities and voxelized meshes from the game. This implies a lack of diversity and, in some cases, a lack of interiors, therefore I need your assistance! Please send me your models, textures, builds, and lore know-how! (I’d welcome bug patches, acceptable inaccuracies, and error reports.) Tell everyone you know who has created anything in Elder Scrolls Minecraft to contribute! Please spread the news!

If you have anything you’d want to contribute, please let me know in the comments or by PM that I have your permission to use it. Please explicitly mention whether you have certain legal / usage / rights (for example, I may use your work but cannot profit from it). If I utilize your entry, I will list you as a contributor, acknowledge you, and include your model in Tamriel!

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map in Minecraft

Want to build, but need some ideas? Here are some things I’m looking for!

  • Oblivion Citadels
  • Caves, Alyeid Ruins, Nordic Ruins, Dagoth lava caves, dungeons, any TES underground structure you can contribute!
  • City of Vivec
  • Sovngarde’s Manor, if you’re feeling epic.
  • Architecture sets /building bundles: I’ll use these to construct cities in that architectural style.
  • Walking/migratory trees for Valenwood: large trees with buildings in them, perhaps with roots that “appear to be in a walking/dragging position”. (Thanks to HowyJ for pointing this one out!)
    – Standard medieval (for Cyrodiil)
    – Elven (Summerset Isles)
    – Stone (For forts and outposts)
    – Whimsical – for high rock, elven and breten places (Please keep it on par with lore(think mushroom houses)
    – Mushroom / Shell / Vine buildings (think Sadrith Mora, Ald Ruhn, etc)
    – Desert / Jungle / Marsh (Elswyre, Black Marsh)

I’ll take WIP projects, cities, building bundles, and even single structures, so get building and then let me know when you have something you’d like to share!

Tamriel the Elder Scrolls Map

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