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The Best Kenshi Mods You Should Try 2022

by Dona

Among all the fantastic sandbox games available. At his best, Kenshi realizes his dream of discovery and limitless freedom. The sort of character in the post-apocalyptic desert will determine the player. As a trader, bandit, merchant, survivor, murderer, bounty hunter, warlord, or something completely different. Kenshi mods – the only true constraint on what players might become is their own interpretation.

Top 8 Kenshi Mods

Kenshi, on the other hand, can still be improved, which is where mods come in. The best Kenshi mods elevate the game to the pinnacle of the post-apocalyptic sandbox RPG genre. Here are a few Kenshi mods that no player should be without.

1. Dark UI

The world does not magically change after the first mod that merits serious consideration. Alternately, completely switch factions, or declare all-out war. The quality of life can be changed simply with this Kenshi mods – Dark UI. The default UI seems to be too bright, which is a common complaint, is addressed by this extremely significant change.

A minor but significant change is to make things clearer and simpler for players to navigate. And it’s a change that the majority of players will be glad to have right away. Even if players typically don’t use mods. Playing the base game is made a little less painful and a little more enjoyable by arguing about something. Even if the player doesn’t receive a turret-filled home.

kenshi mods
Dark UI Kenshi Mods 

2. Faction Caravans

The idea of caravans traveling between cities and outposts makes great sense in the post-apocalyptic desert setting. It provides isolated communities with supplies and other forms of aid. The Faction Caravans mod develops the idea of the original game. Traders move about by assembling caravans for particular factions.

However, they perform more than just effective community lobbying. By expanding upon existing faction lore and personalities, they expand the world. In summary, Kenshi mods caravans consistently act in accordance with their unique personalities. The Traders Association provides the industry with supplies. The Holy Kingdoms have anti-nonhuman prejudice. Each encounter expands Kenshi’s world.

3. Peeler Machine

Depending on how angering the player is willing to be, the peeler machine may or may not be useful. The Peeler Machine mod may become an essential component of the player’s game if the response is “very.” The player can salvage and reuse their severed limbs by feeding bodies into the device.

Players are able to mix and match the body parts of their characters thanks to this shuffle process Kenshi mods. More importantly, it enables the replacement of amputated limbs. In this harsh desert world, unfortunate things frequently occur, and sometimes healing is insufficient. Despite the fact that shops in the base game already sell mechanical substitutes. However, the peeler enables a more dependable replacement.

kenshi mods
Peeler Machine

4. In-Game Biome Map

The maps that are included in Kenshi’s base game are generally good. It’s big, reasonably detailed, and does a good job of at least identifying important cities and guiding players. But the default map is lacking one crucial element. a thorough examination of the world’s various biomes. The in-game Biomap mod can be helpful in this situation.

By giving each biome a unique color to help you identify it. The biome map makes it obvious which regions offer faster travel times than others. When the time comes to establish your own base, this feature will become even more crucial. Finding a building site will give players the tools they need to build a thriving community. A group of people able to endure the harsh game conditions.

5. Interesting Recruits

The game is entirely playable by yourself. Never bring anyone else along; instead, go it alone and face the perils and difficulties of the desert. Some players prefer this method of starting the game, known as the Wanderer Beginning.

But eventually they’ll want a friend or two by their side. The best way to complete the list is by finding partners. Unfortunately, the majority of new players in the base game are fairly unoriginal and bland. By including more than twenty different recruits, the  Interesting Recruits mod helps to address this. Each has a captivating narrative and dialogue.

kenshi mods
Interesting Recruits

6. Populated Cities

Who anticipated seeing someone dressed in Mad Max style wandering around a post-apocalyptic desert world? Cities and malls in Kenshi vanilla can occasionally seem a little lifeless. A better habitat balance is produced by playing in Populated Cities mode. But it also offers a few other significant adjustments from Kenshi mods.

NPC schedules are one of the biggest additions made by the Populated Cities mod. Make the world more vivid and detailed. They allowed the characters to take action. The characters will also visit the player’s shop to be purchased and given new life thanks to this mod.

7. 256 Recruit and Squad

In Kenshi, finding new companions is the key to growing strong and independent. to lend someone extra assistance, whether they are mining, farming, or battling for their lives. In standard Kenshi, a player’s team can only contain a maximum of 30 characters. The 256 Recruit and Squad mod raises the team cap from five to thirty and raises the recruitment limit to exactly.

Although it might seem like overkill, this radical increase Kenshi mods. But contrary to what one might anticipate, it doesn’t ruin the game. The 256 Recruit and Squad mod is necessary to experience some gameplay, after all.

8. Reactive World

Tribes of cannibals compete for dominance and engage in bloody battles until only one tribe is left to rule over the ruins. In an attempt to reclaim their kidnapped queen, the hive charges into the world in a frenzied mob. In the event that the current king is assassinated, dust bandits declare civil war to elect a new leader.

The Reactive World mod increases Kenshi’s receptivity to the player’s actions and inactions. adds choice and role-playing to a game that already has an abundance of both. for the replay value and unpredictable nature that this mod offers. It is regarded as one of the best Kenshi mods.

kenshi mods
Reactive World


The best Kenshi mods, in our opinion, have been gathered by us. Regardless of whether the game is made more distinctive by small changes, rich characters, or personal modifications. These are most likely the top Kenshi mods that players should keep in mind for their games. 


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