High School More Classmates The Sims 4

High School More Classmates | The Sims 4

by Dona

High School More Classmates adds more Students for High School, define members of classes, up to 4 classes.

Creator: Aramiteus

High School More Classmates

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High School More Classmates The Sims 4


I included this High School More Classmates at the top before the mod explanation because I believe it is important: EA has solid reasons for having a lot restriction of 20 sims.
If you exceed that, your computer will have more to compute, therefore raise the number of classmates to a sensible quantity.

(For my machine 40 sims on lot is acceptable, but 50 is starting to sluggish and the cooling fan is on all the time).
For high school lots, the maximum number of sims in Zone is set at 100. So, theoretically, you could have around 80 pupils.
(A rough calculation is as follows: number of students + 4 instructors + 4 cafeteria + 1 principal + 1 janitor + 2 firefighters + number of adolescents in your fictional family + perhaps the Reaper => number of pupils + 20 should enough.)

If this is High School More Classmates, there is a really good tutorial video from KimbaSprite linked at the videos tab.

High School More Classmates The Sims 4

Increasing number of Class Mates – High School More Classmates:

You have to choose your classmates, else none will show up at school. (You can go alone to school if you want.)

Click on the mail box of your lot, select “High School Students …” ( see the first screenshot of the mailbox)
When you do this the first time you will only see “add …” and “Faculty …” in the menu.
Add students via “add …”and the Sim Picker that opens. (Up to 40 at a time, but if you want more simply reopen it a second time)
Then again select “High School Students …”. You should see now the “Classes …” menu. In there “Class 1 …”, “Class 3 …”, “Class 4 …”.
Add students via “add …” to them.
Via this you can split your class mates into four classes. Class 1, Class 3 and Class 4. The others will go to Class 2.
(You can build a mailbox on the school lot if you want to reassign your classmates in the breaks for the next lesson.)

Up to 4 classes depending on Whiteboards:

4 Teachers will be spawned from to pool you defined in the mail-box menu for teachers.
(Assign at least 4 teachers, else strange things may happen)
But if you have less assigned whiteboards, the needless teachers will leave. So you can play wit 2, 3 or 4 classes.
2 additional teachers are needed if you are at school while a football or cheerleading event is started.
It is best to have a pool of 6 teachers.

Before you go to school place 2 or more additional Whiteboards on the lot. High School More Classmates
After that assign them to class 3 and 4, by clicking on them.
Hint: If you want to reassign the whiteboards, place a fifth one for a triangle exchange,
You can reassign boards if you want a class to go to another room for the next lesson.
For this you need more boards than classes on the lot.
The determination of the white boards is done on zone spin up. Therefore best, if you add whiteboards do this before lessons, then leave the lot
and come back for school start. Also the number of needed teachers to stay on the lot is decided at the start of the school event.
(If you do the edits during the event it is too late. They will be active the next day)

Pranked boards seem not be assignable anymore, simply replace them or do a shift click => reset object on them. (EA issue)
Pranked boards need to be cleaned by the teacher before the students can go to class room. (EA issue)
(To disable pranking by NPCs you can use MCCC -> MC Tuner -> enable autonomy scan. And than click on a whiteboard and disable the
corresponding interaction)

High School More Classmates The Sims 4


For changing faculty members there is the “Faculty …” menu. (See above for screenshots of the mailbox).
You can select for each faculty member multiple sims. They are randomized in the morning btw. start of the events.

Teachers are also used for several events. Best select at least 4 for the 4 classes plus 2 for the football and cheerleading event.
(For the initial teacher 2 from the High School package, best remove him once and add him back)
New teachers are not created. So you should assign them via the mailbox menu. Else there will be none.

Principal: There should be only one, but atm you can have multiple. But I think only the first one will apear.

Cafeteria: You can have now 4 cafeteria employees on the lot. (You should place cafeterias in build mode else the vendors without a work
station will leave)
New cafeteria workers are not created. So you should assign them via the mailbox menu. Else there will be none.
The first cafeteria will open from (7)8:00 to 18:00, additional cafeteria workers will appear at 10:30 and will leave at 14:00.
(At firedrill days they come a bit earlier)

Prom, Football and cheerleading events High School More Classmates:

Only your choosen class mates will appear, but all of them.

Career day: Atm restricted to 3 groups of max 10 students. (Carrer days are boring.)

High School More Classmates The Sims 4

Core Students:

There are 5 so called Core Students. 4 of them should belong to the 4 different school activity clubs. (Chess, E-Sports, Football, Cheerleading. For the football and Cheerleading events you will need even more. (About 4 or 5?)
One is the bully requiring the “Mean” trait. (He is not really needed I think. I play without one as the one I had made everybody tense)
For normal schooldays they are not really needed, but nice to have them advertising their clubs after school.

Assigning NPC Students to the different clubs:

You can add and remove the students to the 4 different school activity clubs (volunteer careers as defined by EA) via the mail box menu for students. If a student is not selectable, he may already have a volunteer career like pathfinder or theater whatever. (Remove their volunteer career via mccc or by playing the houshold and quiting it.)


nowmods download

📥DOWNLOAD High School More Classmates Mod

  • Simply unzip the downloaded High School More Classmates file and then copy the directory to C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Electronic Arts\Die Sims 4\Mods
  • Activate in game Script Mods allowed in the Options.
  • If updating from version 4.6 or lower. Replace the boards in schools in build mode.

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