Flower Dance Acceptance Responses

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses | Stardew Valley

by Dona

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses adds distinctive rejection comments to standard dateable characters during the Flower Dance! Custom Fixed Dialogue is necessary.

Creator: Agent Lyoko

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements

Mod nameNotes
Content PatcherRequired
SMAPI – Stardew Modding APIRequired
Custom Fixed DialogueHard requirement – without this, the mod will not work
Free LoveOptional – patches will work for secondary spouses if installed
Platonic RelationshipsOptional – best friend dialogues will trigger if PPAF is not installed at 9 hearts and will work with PPAF
Platonic Partners and FriendshipsOptional – additional functionality (best friend dialogues) if installed

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Immersive ShaneOptional – If added, this mod’s Shane lines will be disabled unless config overrides enabled

Credits and distribution permission

  • Assets of another user: All of the materials in this Flower Dance Acceptance Responses file either belonged to the author or came from resources provided by free modders.
  • Upload authorization: Under no circumstances may you upload this file to any other websites.
  • Authorization for modification: You may change my files, provide bug patches, or add new features as long as you give credit to me as the original author.
  • Permission for conversion: Under no circumstances may you convert this Flower Dance Acceptance Responses file to be used with different video games.
  • Asset use authorization: To utilize any of the resources in this Flower Dance Acceptance Responses file, you must first obtain my consent.
  • Asset use authorization in sold modifications and files: You cannot utilize assets from this package in any mods or files that are offered for sale on the Steam Workshop or other online marketplaces.
  • Authority to utilize assets in modifications and files that reward contribution points: If your mods incorporate my materials, you are prohibited from receiving Donation Points for them.

Author notes
This author has not provided any additional notes regarding Flower Dance Acceptance Responses file permissions.

File credits
This author has not credited anyone else in this Flower Dance Acceptance Responses file

  • Version 1.0.0
    • Flower Dance Acceptance Responses Initial release!


Happy Flower Dance Season!༘⋆???₊˚ෆ

This Flower Dance Acceptance Responses mod aims to add in “acceptance responses” to each vanilla character at the Flower Dance. (Short version: It adds unique dialogue for accepting a dance request for every character, and optionally changes the ask requests as well!)

What, specifically, does this mod add?

Everyone who has played Stardew recalls their first flower dance rejection, with most characters responding differently, from the brutally honest Leah (“I’ll be honest, I don’t want to dance with you”) to the iconic Haley (“Ew, no. Unfortunately, unless you’re married, the sole unique response is the danceRejection key; bachelorettes receive the message “You want to be my partner for the flower dance? Okay! While bachelors hear “You want to be my partner for the flower dance? I’d love to,” Okay. When they accept your dancing invitation, they will say, “I’m looking forward to it.” This is true despite the wide range of viewpoints on the dance (Sebastian doesn’t like to dance, even after being married, and Shane finds it a little out of character!).

Take a look at this Flower Dance Acceptance Responses mod! When unmarried, bachelors and bachelorettes receive unique dialogue, and dialogue for some characters changes based on heart level and relationship status. Optionally, the requesting dialogues will change, and a minor conversation repair will occur if Free Love is also installed.

Still interested in Flower Dance Acceptance Responses? Read on for the two major changes in the following sections.

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses


When you ask a character to dance, they will reply according to a number of characteristics. If you get a character to 4 hearts (or 3 with Three Heart Dance Partner installed) by the Year 1 Flower Dance (so the characters correctly react to you actually getting to dance with them year 1! ), you will get unique variants of lines. Dating variations are also available, and the game is compatible with Platonic Partners and Friendships, so you can receive platonic variants of the dating lines if you have that or Platonic Relationships loaded.

Marriage lines are not written in this section because they are already existing in vanilla. However, there is a patch that can be enabled conditionally if you have Free Love. With Free Love, your non-main spouses will generally use the regular dialogue keys rather than their particular spouse key. The fix I included (configurably) allows the marriage equivalents to be patched back in (just when romancing the character, if using PPAF), however this can be disabled if you don’t want the original marriage acceptance language patched in for whatever reason.

If you’d prefer more detailed information on the villager responses, they’re in the spoiler section below.

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses


When you ask a villager to dance, you normally get the following ask dialogue:
“…yes?” (Ask Villager to be your dance partner)/Nevermind…

I debated leaving the dialogue alone because it is completely serviceable and can be applied to any character. However, because it was general, I used it as a configuration option instead. If you enable Dance Request Override, the ask dialogue will be updated to fit the dialogues and attempts to capture the voice of the characters in a few lines (most match their festival dialogue – Harvey is working up the nerve to ask someone, Shane will be slightly dismissive, and so on). This one is a little more broad, and there are various varieties because it is general practically everywhere (even marriage!). The spoiler section below contains a complete list of revisions.

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses


This Flower Dance Acceptance Responses mod has various configs that can be activated or disabled, as you may or may not have noticed (depending on whether you opened the spoilers). Most are pretty straightforward, however a couple are deliberately made complex to discourage overrides. The spoiler section that follows contains spoilers, but it also contains a list of configurations. More will be added if I discover that I inadvertently overrode a dialogue modification in another mod!


Flower Dance Acceptance Responses is a dialogue mod that solely modifies the festival’s fixed strings. This implies it’s basically compatible with pretty much any expansion mod (yes, SVE, RSV, ES, and so on). This mod is also fully i18ned and thus fully translatable! If you’d like to make a translation, simply request to do so on the posts section and assuming there hasn’t been another translation of the same language, then you should be approved in short order. The translation can simply be a JSON file that is dropped into the i18n folder rather than a complete reproduction of the mod.

Mobile compatibility depends on Content Patcher and Custom Fixed Dialogue on the current version of Android SMAPI. At present, Content Patcher is semi-broken on Android, so I don’t believe this mod is compatible, but feel free to test it and see!


nowmods download

?Download Flower Dance Acceptance Responses

Flower Dance Acceptance Responses


Thank you to the following, without whom this Flower Dance Acceptance Responses mod would have been impossible to create:

Aedenthorn for the creation of Custom Fixed Dialogue, without which this entire premise would not work
AmaranthaCyan and Airyn for allowing me to make this mod compatible with Platonic Partners and Friendships and (eventually) DSV, respectively
Everyone in #making-mods on the Stardew Valley Discord for putting up with my… several… questions on how to properly compat dialogues and everyone in #modded-farmers for putting up with my in-progress screenshots and thought processes on in-character dialogue for everyone
Pathoschild for helping maintain and create SMAPI/Content Patcher, and for help on making the initial config for the Free Love Fix accurate
and ConcernedApe for making the game

(Also, if you’re wondering which outfits the characters are wearing in the screenshot, for simplicity I used the usual seasonal outfits: Seasonal Outfits – Slightly Cuter Aesthetic. Feel free to check that mod out! The characters from Juliet and Jessie were also present in the test file seen in the screenshots.)

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