How to uncap FPS in Lost Ark

How to uncap FPS in Lost Ark & Set custom frame rate limit

While not being a shooting game, Lost Ark' gamers still prefer to use the highest possible frame rate

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The accessibility of the Lost Ark game is a major factor in the success of the MMORPG. Players have access to all game modes and the game is free to play. Additionally, the game is on PC – only but hardly calls for an extremely powerful gaming system. However, because it operates in borderless windowed mode, the game is locked at 60 FPS by default. The easiest way to answer the question of how to uncap FPS in Lost Ark is to do it. However, the amount of information is limited.

When playing in PvP mode, running frames at the highest frame rate possible becomes crucial. Nevertheless, the procedure might be a little difficult. But if a player’s device can assist it, they can choose to exceed the 60 FPS cap. Follow the following article to learn how to uncap FPS in Lost Ark and set custom frame rate limits.

How do I set a frame rate limit?

The steps for how to set a frame rate limit are given below. It only takes a few quick steps to complete.

how to uncap fps in lost ark
How to uncap fps in lost ark can I set a frame rate limit?

How to Increase the Maximum Frame Rate in All Games

The NVIDIA Control Panel includes this function by default. Right-click the Windows desktop and choose “NVIDIA Control Panel” to access it.
(If you are unable to see the menu option, NVIDIA’s drivers are probably not installed.)

In the NVIDIA Control Panel window’s left side menu, click “Manage 3D Settings.”

Make sure the “Global Settings” tab is selected to regulate the highest frame rate for all applications on your PC.

Click the box to the right of “Max Frame Rate” in the list of settings. There is no upper limit on the frame rate, and this option is disabled by default.

Select “On” and your desired maximum frames per second to set a maximum frame rate (FPS.)

The bottom of the window’s Apply button will save your settings.

how to uncap fps in lost ark
Increase maximum frame rate in Lost Ark

Controlling the Maximum Frame Rate in Specific Games

How to uncap fps in lost ark ? Each application’s maximum frame rate setting is adjustable. At the top of the list of settings, select the “Program Settings” tab. Select the app you want to manage from the list of “Select a program to customize” options.

You can click “Add” and enter the.exe file for a game that doesn’t show up in the list.

Locate the “Maximum frame rate” option, select it, and select the desired setting. Each game is set to “Use general settings” by default. They will apply the settings you chose on the General tab.

You can, however, change the settings here. On the “General” tab, for instance, you can disable the maximum fps option. Then, for each game you want to limit, set a different maximum frame rate. Alternatively, you can establish a global maximum frame rate and then waive it for each game. It’s entirely up to you.

To save your settings, make sure to click “Apply.”

Make sure your NVIDIA drivers are up to date if you can’t see this option. Your drivers can be updated in the GeForce Experience program. Whether this program has already been set up or by downloading the most recent driver from the NVIDIA website.

Edition 441.87 of the NVIDIA GeForce driver, which was released on January 6, 2020, includes this feature.

how to uncap fps in lost ark
Set a custom limit to answer how to uncap fps in lost ark

How to uncap FPS in Lost Ark

There isn’t actually a way to unlock your framerate cap in Lost Ark. Fortunately, there is a straightforward two-step workaround you can try to enable higher frame rates. One of these actions is carried out in Lost Ark, and the other requires you to modify your GPU driver. To remove the FPS cap in Lost Ark, simply follow the steps listed below.

Step 1

  • Launch Lost Ark, then select Settings.
  • Switch the screen from Borderless Window to Fullscreen in the Video tab.
  • Apply the changes, then end the game. Step two is next.

Step 2


  • Start the AMD Radeon Software program.
  • Find Lost Ark under the Gaming tab, then choose it.
  • Turn on Radeon Enhanced Synchronization.


  • Launch the Control Panel for Nvidia.
  • Select the Program Settings tab under Manage 3D Settings.
  • Choose Lost Ark from the executable files that are offered.
  • The Vertical Sync must then be disabled by the players.
  • Click “Apply” to save the changes.
how to uncap fps in lost ark
How to uncap FPS in Lost Ark

There is no longer a Lost Ark FPS cap once the correlation steps mentioned above have been followed. Now it will spin at the highest frame rate your hardware will allow. As a final reminder, closing all background apps is recommended. due to the possibility of an FPS drop and stutter.


How to uncap FPS in Lost Ark and how to set a custom frame rate limit are described above. Although it appears straightforward, when finished, it is actually quite complex. If you have any questions, see our guide for more information.

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