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Better Settlers | Fallout 4

by Dona

Better Settlers is a lore-friendly mod that adds over 240 extra population to the vanilla settlers. You can choose to stop there, or go on to OPTIONS to adjust their equipment, gender ratio, stats, or mortality to make them more lore-friendly. There are DLC and non-DLC versions, as well as a variety of other possibilities.

Creator: Thom293

Better Settlers

Better Settlers
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements

Mod nameNotes
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
All settlements complete and fortified new game plus
Beautiful Female Settlers
Better Settlers – Far Harbor Settlers silent or strange voices fixHard requirement as it amends records created in Better Settlers.
Better Settlers – PT-BR v2.0
Better Settlers – Spanish TranslationMOD ORIGINAL OBLIGATORIO
Better Settlers – The New Settlers – Beautiful Female Settlers Merged Patch
Better Settlers – Traduzione Italiana ORD
Better Settlers CCAP ExtensionWith install option ‘Modded Community Assets: Community Hair and Clothing’.
Clothes Customization and CleanlinessOptional compatibility patch
fgambler’s Settlement Blueprints – Abernathy FarmSuggested. Also install the optional CCAP if your machine can handle it.
fgambler’s Settlement Blueprints – Red RocketSuggested. Also install the optional CCAP if your machine can handle it.
fgambler’s Settlement Blueprints – SanctuarySuggested. Also install the optional CCAP if your machine can handle it.
Kingsport Light House Settlement (Ghouls and Children Of Atom Included)
My Red Rocket
New Commonwealth
Nora (Weak 06) Custom Group of Four settlementsEssential
Nora (Weak 09) Vanilla GameRecommended
Nora (Weak 10) Transfer Settlement Builder
Orphans-Better Settlers-Beautiful Female Settlers Patch
Red Rocket Extreme Build
Scrap Everything Ultimate 2.4 (2.4a) Better Settlers 2.0 (MORTAL) Compatibility PatchMORTAL version only
Tensai New Upgrade
Unofficial Better Settlers-Horizon Patch

Author’s instructions
File credits

This author has not credited anyone else in this file


  • TWO VERSIONS: One requires Far Harbor and Nuka World, while the other does not. The vanilla game is all that is required. Only pick one! I strongly suggest the OPTIONAL CCAP because the work they did was excellent (see new images).
  • NOTE: Despite the fact that there is some revealing apparel in the screenshots, there is none in the mod.

For optimum compatibility, Better Settlers employs no scripts, and the standard option uses just vanilla assets. Sim Settlements and all other significant modifications I’m aware of are compatible.

  • The base mod, as far as I’m aware, is bug-free. However, before installing, you should read the Known Game Engine Issues section below.
  • There are two documented issues with the DLC mod.
  • Bradburn Ampitheatre in Nuka World can also trigger a crash. Please read the known issues in the bug section for further information.
Better Settlers

Vanilla Version

  1. This mod adds 230 new vanilla settler options with cosmetic variety in their faces.
  2. You can stop there if you want and you are done.
  3. Or, you can choose other lore friendly options listed below.

Optional Upgrades

  1. If you choose OPTIONAL stat or equipment changes, the options are below:
  2. There is a choice between grimy and clean faces.
  3. Settlers will no longer lollygag and will run to the bell when summoned.
  4. See the screenshots – they are self explanatory.
  5. There are approximately 230 face/race/hair/sex combinations now (instead of approx 28 in vanilla).
  6. There are approximately 30 civilian outfits and 25 hats over vanilla (approximately triple the vanilla amounts).
  7. All clothing and equipment is randomly generated on spawn. No two settlers should be exactly alike.
  8. This only effects GENERIC SETTLERS. Named Settlers (like the Longs), Provisioners and Children are unchanged.
  9. If you choose stat or equipment changes, they are only made to GENERIC SETTLERS.
  10. Generic Settlers have perks that help them with radiation and healing if they survive battle (important for the Mortal Pack).
  11. All have a chance to roll 0-2 stimpacks, which they absolutely will use in battle.
  12. All get better, but lore friendly, starter weapons.
  13. All get lore friendly equipment on spawn: clothes (55%), partial leather(15%), full leather (15%), full metal set (10%), or combat armor (5%).
  14. Metal and combat equipment sets and their better weapons do not show up until higher levels.
  15. There is an OPTION to give them only light or heavy equipment packages, if you wish.
  16. There is an OPTION to make settlers mortal (right now NPCs cannot kill them and defending settlements is pointless).
  17. There is an OPTION to make mortal settlers even tougher – for those of you that want to play crazy settlement raid games.
  18. There is an OPTION to make MOST new settlers female or male
  19. There is an OPTIONAL Community Clothing and Armor Pack (CCAP) that adds selections from the following mods. Eli’s Armor Compendium and Azar’s Ponytail Hairstyles. (Both of these files must be installed ABOVE all Better Settlers files in your load order).
Better Settlers Fallout 4
Better Settlers Fallout 4


Load Order (IMPORTANT)


<<<Any Better Settler Patches that you might use from other authors>>>>
<<<Any Better Settler Optional Packs like Lollygagging, Clean face, or Light or Heavy Armor Types (optional)>>>
<<<Better Settlers Mostly Female or Mostly Male (optional)>>>
<<<CCAP MUST go here or it wont work (optional)>>>
<<<Any Better Settler Mortal or Mortal Soldier Pack must go LAST or they wont work (optional)>>>

nowmods download

Download Better Settlers files:

Main files:

  • Main File for DLC
  • Choose Only one
  • Has all vanilla and “better” options
  • Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World. CCAP and gender options included
  • Main File for NO DLC
  • Choose only one
  • Has all vanilla and “better” options
  • CCAP and gender options included.

Optional files:

  • This should still work with 2.0 but no guarantees
  • Replaces normal settler faces and equipment with Raider faces and equipment
  • Must go after main file
  • Not compatible with Clothing Pack or All Female Pack

?‍? For manually download, please read How To Install Fallout 4 Mods

Or you can watch this Youtuber Gopher showing how to do it:

If you want to do a test to see variety and randomness, you can do this with console:

~tai (turns off ai)
tcai (turns off combat ai)
tgm (toggles god mod)
spawn 00020593 40 (40 is the number of settlers it will spawn).

let them spawn and move away a little bit and do it again.

I normally spawn about 120 settlers at a time and go through and look at them to check for bugs. But you can use it to see the variety and make sure the ponytails and gear are showing up, etc. You can safely shoot the settlers and kill them to check their inventory.

Dont forget to tai tcai and tgm again or no one will move and you will be unkillable.

Better Settlers

Known issues

  • This isn’t a bug, but rather a problem with the game engine: The mod will grant you some settlers equipment when you load or improve it. If it’s a brand-new game, there shouldn’t be any issues. In an existing game or upon upgrading, this can cause a conflict in their inventory, causing them to strip. Occasionally, a settler costumed like Morrowind’s Hlormar Wine-Sot would come. They’ll either have “ghost” (0) goods in their inventory, or they’ll have “ghost” (0) items in their inventory. Both of these are quite unusual. However, if you trade with them, you can equip conventional clothing. It’s only a matter of appearance. Only if you unstall or upgrade after I was forced to remove an item from the levels lists for whatever reason will this happen. This is not a problem, but rather the expected behavior of any mod that adds objects to the game.
  • This isn’t a bug, but rather a problem with the game engine: It will delete some stuff from settlers if you UNINSTALL it in the middle of the game (not any you gave them – only ones the mod spawned for them). This could lead to the (0) item issue. Again, this is purely decorative and will have no negative impact on your game. This isn’t a bug; it’s just how the game works. Please report it if you come across it in any other way.
Better Settlers

You can take a look of those Fallout 4 mods right here:

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