Anti-Social NPCs

Anti-Social NPCs | Stardew Valley

by Dona

Anti-Social NPCs allows modders to create NPCs that the player can’t befriend.

Creator: ubererdferkel

Anti-Social NPCs in Stardew Valley

Anti-Social NPCs
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements
SMAPI – Stardew Modding API

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
Alune NPC – English Translation
Custom NPC – OpenFire
Custom NPC – OpenFire (Spanish translation)
Custom NPC – OpenFire English Translation SVE Compatible
East Scarp (prev East Scarpe)Adds certain NPCs
Garden Village – Portuguese
Garden Village Expansion ModNEW! required
Juliet and Jessie the Joja Clerks
Lunna Astray ModRequired
Museum ExpansionRequired Framework
Museum Expansion – Russian
New NPC Alune
New Npc Alune- Portuguese translation
Ridgeside VillageRequired
Ridgeside Village – Russian
Stardew Aquarium
Toshinori Yagi – All Might – NPC – Hero Academia
Walk to the Desert – Expansion Modrequired for hidden and non-friendable NPCs
Walk to the Desert – Expansion Mod – Portuguese (Br)
Walk to the Desert – ReduxRequired for Hidden and Non-Friendable NPCs
Walk to the Desert Expansion Mod – Russian

Credits and distribution permission:

  • Other client’s resources: Every one of the resources in this Anti-Social NPCs mod have a place with the creator, or are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets.
  • Transfer authorization: You are not permitted to transfer this files to different locales under any conditions. 
  • Change consent: You should get authorization from me before you are permitted to change my records to further develop it.
  • Change consent: You are not permitted to change this record over to chip away at different games under any conditions.
  • Resource use consent: You should get consent from me before you are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this Anti-Social NPCs mod.
  • Resource use authorization in mods/documents that are being sold: You are not permitted to utilize resources from this document in any mods/records that are being sold, for cash, on Steam Workshop or different stages.
  • Resource use authorization in mods/records that acquire gift focuses: You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods on the off chance that they utilize my resources.

Author notes:
This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions.

File credits:
This author has not credited anyone else in this file.

Version 1.0.2
Anti-social NPCs will not be counted in the Introduction quest.

Version 1.0.1
Anti-social NPCs will not be chosen as the player’s Secret Santa

Version 1.0.0
Initial Release.


This Anti-Social NPCs mod permits the production of new NPCs that aren’t companions with the player. They can have a timetable, a picture, an exchange… nearly everything an ordinary resident NPC has. Nonetheless, they will not appear on the Social menu and the player can’t give them gifts. This mod does nothing all alone. It is an asset for mod producers and content pack makers.

Anti-Social NPCs


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.
nowmods download

? Download Anti-Social NPCs

Instructions for Modders

  1. Create a new NPC as your normally would (e.g. using Content Patcher)
  2. Do not add the NPC to “Data/NPCGiftTastes”
  3. Add the NPC to “Data/AntiSocialNPCs”.  The key is the NPC’s name, and the value can be anything (e.g., “true”).
  4. Add this mod to your mod’s dependencies.

Sample Content Patcher Snippet

If you’re using Content Patcher to make a new NPC named Bob, here’s what you would add to the Changes section of your content.json file:

  “LogName”: “Bob’s AntiSocial Flag”,
  “Action”: “EditData”,
  “Target”: “Data/AntiSocialNPCs”,
  “Entries”: {
      “Bob”: true

Anti-Social NPCs

Advanced Use

It ought to be feasible to make a NPC become amicable with legitimate utilization of “When” conditionals in Content Patcher. In the event that you add “Data/NPCGiftTastes” for your NPC, they will show up on the Social menu the following time the player converses with them. Eliminating the NPC from “Data/AntiSocialNPCs” will make them show up in the Social menu right away. This usefulness isn’t very much tried.


  • Non-social NPCs cannot use “event” type dialog. The most common event of this type is “Introduction”, which causes NPCs to say something special to the player if they meet in the first six days of the game.  Dialog that requires a certain Heart Level will also not be used, for obvious reasons. 
  • Utilization of social NPCs on occasions is untested, yet presumably turns out great. 
  • Hostile to social NPCs tolerating mission turn-ins is untested (informed me as to whether it works!).
Anti-Social NPCs


Tested with SMAPI 3.2 (Stardew Valley 1.4)
Tested with Content Patcher 1.12.0 (optional)
Compatible with any mod or content framework that uses SMAPI to edit assets.

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