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Farm Type Manager | Stardew Valley

by Dona

Farm Type Manager is a generating structure that permits players and modders to produce adaptable elements from Stardew’s homestead types. It can consequently make scavenge, mineral, beasts, and huge items (stumps, rocks, meteors, and so forth) at any area in the game.

Creator: Esca-MMC

Farm Type Manager

Farm Type Manager
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements

Mod nameNotes
SMAPI – Stardew Modding APIAlso available at

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
A Spirit’s Eve Hunt
Alternate IceFox Portrait (mermaid island)mermaid island requirement
Better Beach Forage
Better Quarry Redux
BFAV Easter Bunniesrequired to spawn Easter Eggs on map
Blackberry Fields Farm
Boarding House and Bus Stop ExtensionWithout this mod you can’t get the ore from the mines nor the foregeables
Capitalist Dream Farm 2
Challenging Community Center Bundles(Optional) Required for the custom foraging items.
Confluence Forest FarmGenerates the Quarry, respawns stumps consistently map wide, and spawns forage on the addition map.
Custom NPC Mod Seven Deadly Sins Eng Translation
Daybreak Farm
Downtown Zuzuadds mobs and ores to locations
Fizzy DrinksRequired for the forageables. Also configurable and allows compatibility for other mods that uses FTM.
Forage of Ferngill
Grapes of Ferngill
Immersive Farm 4
Insect ValleyNow requires it for insects to spawn
Inspiring Valley
Junimo WoodsOnly Needed For the Summer Variant, to spawn Slimes and Ferns
Leaf’s Extended BeachMust have to make foraging work on the new extended part
Lumisteria Flowers and Crops
Lumisteria Magic Field
Lunna Astray ModRequired for 3.0
Meandering Farm
Mermaid Island
Mountain Goat FarmRequired for expanded quarry area
Multi-Biome FarmRequired for foraging items to spawn
Pacific Northwest Mushrooms
Platonic’s Exotic Stuff
Platonic’s Kynseed Plants
Pollen Sprites
PPJA – Farmer to FloristOptional – For forageable daisy.
Puffin Cove FarmRequired for foraging
Raffadax Teas and Trees (Beta)Recommended: + All Dependencies – Required for Foragable Drops (All items purchasable without mod)
Reimagined Standard FarmFor Quarry and Foraging Area
Ridgeside VillageRequired
Saltcliff Farm(optional, required for respawning stumps)
Secret Candy
SH’s Beach Crabs and Garden Snails
SH’s Festive Valley
Shell Collection – JASpawn the beach forages
Simply Sour Cherry
Small Wild Farm
SpaceBuns Custom Farm Map
Stardew Valley Expanded(Framework Mod) This mod allows custom forage locations to function
Stranded Fish
Terrace FarmFor Forage, Special Weeds, Respawning stumps, and Quarry to work
Ultimate Farm
Walk to the Desert – Expansion Modrequired for foraging, monsters, other spawns
Walk to the Desert – ReduxRequired for Foraging, Monsters and Other Spawns
Wave FarmThis is what makes the quarry area possible
White Slimes
Witchy Crystal Farm1.11.0

Credits and distribution permission

  • Other client’s resources: Every one of the resources in this Farm Type Manager have a place with the creator, or are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets.
  • Transfer consent: You can transfer this document to different destinations yet you should acknowledge me as the maker of the record.
  • Alteration consent: You are permitted to alter my Farm Type Manager and delivery bug fixes or develop the provisions insofar as you acknowledge me as the first maker.
  • Change consent: You can change this document over to work with different games as long as you acknowledge me as the maker of the record.
  • Resource use consent: You are permitted to utilize the resources in this document without consent as long as you credit me.
  • Resource use consent in mods/documents that are being sold: You are permitted to utilize the resources in this record in mods/documents that are being sold, for cash, on Steam Workshop or different stages.
  • Resource use authorization in mods/documents that acquire gift focuses: You are permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods on the off chance that they utilize my resources.

Author notes
Refer to the “LICENSE” file on this project’s GitHub for copyright information.

File credits
This author has not credited anyone else in this file

Version 1.14.0
Adds support for more ore types added in Stardew 1.5: Omni Geode, Mussel, Fossil, Clay, Cinder Shard
Applies the correct “can be picked up” status for all known forage objects
Sets the correct durability for any ore spawned through the forage system
Enables in-game config.json changes in Generic Mod Config Menu (GMCM)
Switches to “Any CPU” build mode for 64-bit Stardew/SMAPI compatibility
Adds a potential fix for a save crash when monsters were set to spawn at 12:00AM
Reported by Obamoose, shekurika, and several Ridgeside Village users
Adds a potential fix for a “null” error when checking tile properties
Reported by sjent
Adds a potential fix for side effects when spawning objects in the volcano
Fixes an issue where ore that require level 10 Mining skill used the wrong spawn chance
Reported by FlashShifter

Version 1.13.1
Adds a debug message to warn modders about spawn areas with no spawn tiles
Fixes an error when modded objects are spawned with expiration timers and then uninstalled
Reported by ziraels
Designed for Stardew Valley v1.5.2.


Farm Type Manager permits players and modders to bring forth adaptable elements from every one of Stardew’s homestead types. It can naturally search, things, minerals, beasts, and huge items (stumps, logs, stones, shooting stars, and monster crops) on any guide in the game. Clients can arrange the quantity of items brought forth each day, which regions or landscape types they can produce on, the shots at generating each article type, and the sky’s the limit from there.

Farm Type Manager

It likewise upholds content packs, permitting different mods to arrange generating naturally. If any of your other mods come with “[FTM]” folders, they will automatically use Farm Type Manager to spawn custom content.


1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.

2. Download FarmTypeManager

3. Unzip FarmTypeManager into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

If you have other mods that require Farm Type Manager, then you’re all set!

If you want to customize Farm Type Manager’s settings yourself, see the instructions below.

nowmods download

Download Farm Type Manager files:

? Farm Type Manager v1.14.0

  • Adds all SDV 1.5 ore types
  • Enables 64-bit support
  • Enables GMCM in-game settings menu
  • Fixes save crash when monsters spawn at 12AM (Reported by Ridgeside Village devs/users)
  • Other fixes (see changelog)

Designed for Stardew Valley v1.5.4.

Miscellaneous files:

? Farm Extended Unofficial Fix

This content pack replaces the Farm Extended mod’s outdated FTM settings. It only activates while Farm Extended is installed & you use the Standard farm type.
NOTE: You may want to delete the files in your “FarmTypeManager/data” folder.

Farm Type Manager

Instructions for Modders

I suggest that all players have this Farm Type Manager mod introduced. If by some stroke of good luck the host has this mod, different players may experience SMAPI blunders and not be able to see/connect for certain items and beasts. 

Just the host’s generated settings will be utilized in multiplayer. Control center orders should in any case work typically.

Farm Type Manager


This mod adds the following commands to SMAPI’s console. The whereami command. Enter it to display information about your current location, including:

  • The map’s name (e.g. “Farm” or “BusStop”)
  • Your current tile’s X/Y coordinates
  • The tile’s terrain type (e.g. “Dirt” or “Stone”)
  • Whether the tile is “Diggable” with tools
  • The tile’s sprite sheet index number (used to identify “Quarry” tiles or set up custom tile-matching)

The list_monsters command. Enter it to display a list of available monster names to use with the MonsterName configuration setting.

The command will list the primary name of each monster from Stardew Valley itself, and then scan other mods for custom monster classes.

Farm Type Manager


The following are a couple of instances of changes you can make to your person’s design record, generating different things on your homestead or the other in-game guides.

The majority of the setting names attempt to act naturally logical, yet for more definite data, see the Settings segment of the readme on GitHub.

Farm Type Manager

Spawn forage and respawn stumps on the farm:

“ForageSpawnEnabled”: true,
“LargeObjectSpawnEnabled”: true,

Randomly spawn new logs and boulders on the farm:

“LargeObjectSpawnEnabled”: true,
“Large_Object_Spawn_Settings”: {
“Areas”: [
“ObjectTypes”: [

“Log”, “Boulder”
“FindExistingObjectLocations”: false,
“PercentExtraSpawnsPerSkillLevel”: 0,
“RelatedSkill”: “Foraging”,
“MapName”: “Farm”,
“MinimumSpawnsPerDay”: 0,
“MaximumSpawnsPerDay”: 2,
“IncludeTerrainTypes”: [“Grass”, “Dirt”, “Diggable”]

Spawn ore in a specific area of Cindersap Forest:

“OreSpawnEnabled”: true,
“Ore_Spawn_Settings”: {
“Areas”: [
“MiningLevelRequired”: null,
“StartingSpawnChance”: null,
“LevelTenSpawnChance”: null,
“MapName”: “Forest”,
“MinimumSpawnsPerDay”: 1,
“MaximumSpawnsPerDay”: 5,
“IncludeTerrainTypes”: [],
“ExcludeTerrainTypes”: [],
“IncludeCoordinates”: [ “65,22/74,27” ]

Spawn LOTS of forage on the farm, but not near the house:

“ForageSpawnEnabled”: true,
“Forage_Spawn_Settings”: {
“Areas”: [
“SpringItemIndex”: null,
“SummerItemIndex”: null,
“FallItemIndex”: null,
“WinterItemIndex”: null,
“MapName”: “Farm”,
“MinimumSpawnsPerDay”: 9999,
“MaximumSpawnsPerDay”: 9999,
“IncludeTerrainTypes”: [ “All” ],
“ExcludeTerrainTypes”: [],
“IncludeCoordinates”: [],
“ExcludeCoordinates”: [ “69,17;57,10” ]

Farm Type Manager

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