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Garden Village Expansion Mod | Stardew Valley

by Dona

Garden Village Expansion Mod is another area, reachable by transport, that adds six new shops for better game submersion. Nursery Village shifts numerous modded crops, cooking plans, and making plans from the vanilla shops to help clean up menus. Incorporates a Florist, Diner, Bakery, Clothier, Artisanry, and Machine Shop.

Creator: Tarniyar

Garden Village Expansion Mod

Garden Village Expansion Mod
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements

Mod nameNotes
Anti-Social NPCsNEW! required
BusLocationsrequired to visit Garden Village
Content Patcherrequired
Custom NPC ExclusionsNew! Prevents Winter Star absenteeism
Custom NPC FixesNEW! required
Json Assetsrequired
Mail Framework Modrequired
Producer Framework Modrequired for new artisan goods
Shop Tile Frameworkrequired for shop menus
SpaceCorerequired for PPJA content
TMXL Map Toolkitrequired

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Unofficial update to BusLocationsNeeded for Android compatibility

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
Art’s Walk to Desert Music Packthe music is for this mod
Colored Seeds for Crop ModsOptional
Garden Village PT BRPrincipal
Walk to Garden Village
Walk to the Desert – Expansion Modrequired location

Dispersion consent

  • Other client’s resources: A few resources in this record have a place with different creators. You should look for authorization from these creators before you can utilize their resources
  • Transfer authorization: You are not permitted to transfer this record to different destinations under any conditions
  • Adjustment consent: You are permitted to adjust my documents and delivery bug fixes or develop the provisions insofar as you acknowledge me as the first maker
  • Transformation consent: You are not permitted to change this record over to chip away at different games under any conditions
  • Resource use authorization: You are permitted to utilize the Garden Village Expansion Mod resources in this record without consent as long as you credit Creator
  • Resource use authorization in mods/documents that are being sold: You are not permitted to utilize resources from this document in any mods/records that are being sold, for cash, on Steam Workshop or different stages
  • Resource use consent in mods/records that procure gift focuses: You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods in the event that they utilize my resources

Creator notes
This creator has not given any extra notes in regards to record authorizations

Record credits
Pastry specialist’s Life
PPJA Artisan Valley
PPJA Mega Pack
Winter Crops

Version 1.4.4

  • new prerequisite: Custom NPC Exclusions – keeps GV NPCs from being picked for Winter Star gift
  • changed GV NPC presentation discourse into occasions that play at first gathering

Version 1.4.3
Minor fix for certain seeds not appearing in Sandy’s shop

Version 1.4.2
Refreshed Industrialization for PFM patches to the most recent adaptation 3.2.5

Version 1.4.1
Repaired Mizu’s Flowers not appearing in the Florist.

Version 1.4.0

  • exchanged shop execution to basically fixing technique
  • fixed “chive seeds” grammatical error Garden Village Expansion Mod


This mod adds an all-new region called “Garden Village” which highlights five new shops, in addition to a machine shed where you can buy new machine outlines. Garden Village Expansion Mod works with a few other substance mods (with authorization) to rearrange seeds and plans from the vanilla shops to clean up menus. I’ve likewise done a little rebalancing of yields and plans with the goal that they are all the more uniformly opened between years 1 and 3.

Garden Village Expansion Mod

What content does Garden Village Expansion Mod add?

The Florist has two shop menus: one for bloom seeds,and one for the remainder of the modded seeds in a “seed list.”

The Diner sells a determination of vanilla and modded food varieties, in addition to a choice of modded plans.

The Bakery sells a choice of vanilla and modded prepared merchandise, in addition to a determination of modded plans.

The Clothier sells Flower Dance and Wedding clothing,plus a couple of vanilla things.

The Artisanry sells a choice of vanilla and modded craftsman products.

The Machine Shed sells the outlines for modded machines.


To install the core part of Garden Village Expansion Mod, just unzip the folder and copy it into your main mod folder. 

nowmods download

? Download Garden Village Expansion Mod

Optional files:
? Changes to Other Mods

For the individuals who can’t see filenames beginning with a “.” – Updated patches for Stardew Valley 1.5 changes. You will likewise require the refreshed shops record from the principle download, so kindly don’t download this exclusively.

Garden Village Expansion Mod

How to visit Garden Village

Garden Village is reachable by bus, requiring the BusLocations mod to work. Garden Village is also reachable on foot with the Walk to the Desert Expansion mod (brand new!)

Finally, in the “.Changes to Other Mods”folder, I’ve included an optional “warps.json” that adds a warp to
Garden Village Expansion Mod. This file would replace the default “warps.json” for the CJB Cheats Menu.

Garden Village Expansion Mod

Known bugs

  • Copy seeds or plans in shops: You should supplant your fixed adaptation with a spotless form to determine this issue.
  • Thing id crashes: things change into other irregular things. Particularly an issue with existing games with loads of different mods.
  • Multiplayer bugs: known issue with multiplayer and Garden Village Expansion Mod that add new apparel. In the event that you attempt to wear modded clothing (in this or some other mod) you might not be able to rejoin your multiplayer game except if you alter your save document.
Garden Village Expansion Mod


Thanks to the following for allowing the use of their mod assets:
Ritsunesan for Baker’s Life
for the various Project Populate Json Assets
rjgilber for Bonster’s Crops
uberkwefty for Winter Crops

To our dearest farmers! If you are finding more Stardew Valley mods, here’s some pieces you may also love:

? Tractor Mod

? Lookup Anything mod

? NPC Map Locations

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