Better Ranching

Better Ranching | Stardew Valley

by Dona

Better Ranching prevents failed milking/shearing attempts and includes an indicator that indicates when pets and animals can be petted, milked, or sheared.

Creator: Urbanyeti

Better Ranching

Better Ranching
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File credits
Thanks to jinxiewinxie and Advize for their awesome mod Loved Labels which helped me figure out how to locate the farm animals.

Version 1.9.0
Add support for Generic Mod Config Menu
Clarify “Milking/Shearing Failed” messages
Improve reliability of harvest detection
Add config options to individually control hearts for farm animals and pets
Add config option to hide hearts for max level animal friends
Update to SMAPI 3.13.1 and .NET5
Version 1.8.1
Added API for better compatibility with other mods
Fixed bubbles showing up during cutscenes
Cleaned up / refactored code
Version 1.8.0
Made compatible with SDV 1.5
Fixed UI / Zoom scaling issues
Version 1.7.6
floatingatoll fixed a bug causing bubbles to not be hidden during cutscenes
Version 1.7.5
Improve error handling
Version 1.7.4
Fixed a bug causing dogs/cats to keep their heart indicators even if the setting was turned off in the config
Version 1.7.3
minervamaga made a fix for an error that was spamming the console
Version 1.7.2
Updated the code for SMAPI 3.0
Version 1.7.1
Updates the code for SMAPI 2.8 and Stardew Valley 1.3.31.
Adds update keys to the manifest.json and standardises the version format.
Version 1.7.0
vaindil updated to work for the latest version of 1.3 and SMAPI 2.6-beta.15
Version 1.5
Added indicator when pigs can be petted
Fixed bug causing error when milking in the FarmHouse
Version 1.4
Added indicator for when animals can be petted
Version 1.3
Fixed a bug that made it hard to click on the toolbar when the milk pail or shears were selected
Version 1.2
Added support for sheep shearing
Added Gamepad support
Fixed bug causing thought bubbles to arbitrarily disappear
Version 1.1
Added override for milk pail left-click to prevent failed attempt animation and sound effect
Added “Milking Failed” warning message
Fixed bug causing speech bubbles to cover up heart animation
Version 1.0
Initial version
Added speech bubbles to indicate which animals can be milked


Prevents failing milking/shearing attempts and adds an indicator when animals can be petted, milked, or sheared. Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.5.5+ on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Requires SMAPI 3.13.1 or later.

  • Added an in-game configuration menu to make it easier to change settings. The awesome Generic Mod Config Menu is required!
  • Better Ranching clarified the messages “Milking/Shearing Failed.” Because these seemed to be confusing a lot of people, they now say things like “Out of Milking Range” and “Nothing to Milk.”
  • Increased harvest detection reliability. I eventually discovered a bug that caused the milking detection range to be artificially limited at times. Milk from a distance!
  • Better Ranching added configuration options for controlling farm animals’ and pets’ hearts individually. If you use the auto-petter, this should make it easier to ignore animals.
  • Added a configuration option to hide hearts for highest level animal friends. I saw this specific request on the discussion page. Please feel free to suggest any additional improvements or options that you would like to see!
  • SMAPI 3.13.1 and.NET5 have been updated. Make sure to update to the most recent SMAPI if you haven’t already.
Better Ranching


nowmods download

? Download Better Ranching mod


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip the Better Ranching mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. (optional) Install Generic Mod Config Menu for easy config setting managemen.t
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.


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