Rampage Trainer

Rampage Trainer | Red Dead Redemption 2

by Gemma

Come to Rampage Trainer – a mod Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player trainer for Story Mode! Players can see a lot of useful and special features in this mod. Let start exploring!

Creator: RampageDev

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Rampage Trainer

Rampage Trainer

Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookRDR2Latest version

Mods requiring this file:

Abigail Marston In Mary Linton’s OutfitsAbigail Marston In Sadie Adler’s Outfits
Abigail-Ponytail(ALL OUTFITS)Adidas Jacket
Aguila Machete for story modeAlfredo Montez’s Bandolier
Anime Gunslinger Coat (I’m sorry boah’s)Arthur Joker Face Paint (Extra Clean Shaven)
Beta Duster Coat (NOTE: either)Black Ram Shotgun Coat (NOTE: needed to stream the YTD’s)
Blackwater sidewalks part 1Bounty Hunter Engraving
Clean White PantsClothing and Accessory Textures
Cow Pattern VestCutter hat for Rampage Trainer
Dirty Slut On Arthurs HatDutch’s rings mod
Dutch’s WeaponsElephant Rifle
Hot Pink Tahiti ShirtJack Attack (NOTE: Require v1.5.0 or later)
Javier and Dutch revolvers Fixed versionJohn Marston Gang Coat (NOTE: Require v1.5.0 or later)
John Marston Progress Menu ((NOTE: Require v1.5.0 or later)Just Black Clothing
Karen in Mary-Beth’s OutfitsLemat Bounty Hunter Engraving
Navy Revolver in SP (Swaps with the LeMat) (NOTE: need this or map editor,  private so
this is your best bet)
Lambda Engraving for the Mauser
(for texture streaming Alternatively Map Editor, but that’s private)
John Marston Gang Coat (NOTE: Require v1.5.0 or later – Public)John Marston Progress Menu (NOTE: Require v1.5.0 or later)
Lemat Bounty Hunter EngravingLong hairstyles (NOTE: Either this or LML)
Mary Linton In Abigail’s OutfitsMary-Beth In Abigail’s Outfits
Mary-Beth in Karen’s OutfitsNo More Double Chin
Navy Revolver (Fixed) (NOTE: Texture and Model swap)Lowry’s Navy Revolver (NOTE: To use Lowry’s Revolver model/texture)
NPC Bandana Retexture ( NOTE
Requires v1.5.0 or Later)
Patched Denim Jacket (NOTE: Requires Latest Version)
NPC John’s ScarfRed Hawaiian Shirt for Rampage Trainer
Refined BinocularsRibbon Tie
Sadie Adler in Abigail’s OutfitsSadie Adler In Karen’s Outfits
Sadie Adler in Mary Linton’s OutfitsSadie-Ponytail(ALL OUTFITS)
Snub Nosed Double action (NOTE: place these files into Rampagefiles > models)Spectacles (NOTE: Requires v1.5.0 or Later (Public)
Sheriff BadgeString Tie
Survey Corps Scout JacketTahiti Camp Mod (READ FULL DESC)
Tiltham hatVests… Pants… Accessories and Such
Sting (WRESTLER) Face Paint For Arthur-EXTRA CLEAN SHAVEN ONLY-Troll Face Engraving for the Mauser
(for texture streaming Alternatively Map Editor, but that’s private)
Vengeance is hereby mine on regular DA (NOTE:  Newest version)Welrod (NOTE: Either This, Or Lenny’s mod loader)
White Gambler HatWhite Hat – Arthur’s Hat Retexture
White Worsted CoatWorn Arthur Clothes
  • Other user’s assets: 
    These assets in Rampage Trainer file belong to the author or the free-to-use modder’s resource
  • Upload permission: 
    Don’t upload this file to other websites under any cases
  • Modification permission: 
    You are allowed to modify the file to improve it with the creator permission
  • Conversion permission: 
    You are not allowed to convert this Rampage Trainer file to work on other game under any cases
  • Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
    No! Don’t allow to everyone use assets from this Rampage Trainer file in any mobs/files even it’s being sold. For the money, it uses on Steam Workshop or other platforms.

❗️ Here is a note from Author: This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions

⭕️ Credit for Rampage Trainer file:

  • Alexander Blade – For ScriptHookRDR2
  • Alloc8or – NativeDatabase
  • RedM
  • rdr2mods.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/74WBpDeRVj

Version 1.5.7

  • Fixed an issue that caused the bank balance to be shown inaccurately.
  • Animals ignore player option has been included from the GTA V version (thanks to fingaweg)
  • Instead of auto-cleaning, an option to avoid weapon degradation has been included.
  • Some of the weapon condition choices have been relocated to weapon visuals.
  • Custom input has been added to enable ped body components by hash.
  • Buildtools has been updated to the most recent version.

Version 1.5.6

  • Patch 1.0.1436.26 has been applied to the game.
  • Wardrobe Cam has been improved, and the option to load ammunition for peds has been added.
  • Clip through objects has been included.
  • Option Rampage Trainer to add spawned vehicle to object database Added Remove Weapon Wheel Slow-Down to ped spawner options Added Spawn as Enemy to ped spawner options Added Option to link other peds to me Added Weapon scale option for peds
  • A bug that caused cmd line or mouse activation on keyboard inputs has been fixed.
  • Holding down Ctrl and using the arrow keys allows you to go to the top or bottom of submenus.

Version 1.5.5

  • Due to various difficulties, Auto-Sync for toggles has been removed.
    Remove the current Rampage Trainer weapon now utilizes the weapon guid to identify itself. Teleport to horse has been added as an option.
  • On dual wield, Auto-Clean Weapon will now clean both weapons.
  • Options for applying visual damage packs to your ped have been added.
  • Quick Loot has been added.
  • When purchasing or looting just one item, the option to max it out has been added.
  • Search for scenario submenus has been added.
  • The option to show waypoint distance has been added.
  • Object Attachment Options Have Been Added (WIP)
  • All rdo’s missing emotes have been added (most of them will only work with mp content loaded)
  • Changed the player and vehicle opacity options (Now works with percentage jumps)
  • In Horse FlyMode, a rotation problem has been fixed.
  • The problem with the Rampage Trainer minimap zoom being reset has been resolved.
  • Character Stats’ Unlock section has been improved.
  • Bounty Submenu has been modified.
  • Honor Submenu has been modified.
  • Toggles now saves more choices.
  • json
  • Some messages and alerts have been tweaked.

Version 1.5.4

  • Added: all new peds from Blood Money update
  • Saving and Loading Toggles.json work if you have the correct folder permissions
  • Removed support for various streaming Rampage Trainer files
  • If you have a pirated game version you won’t be able to use this version

Version 1.5.3


  • Cloud Editor; Guarma hurricane water; Vehicle prospects; Always killcam
  • Option to block ped from fleeing in ped editor
  • Relationship setting for ped editor
  • Missing peds in the naturalist category
  • Spectate Rampage Trainer for ped in ped editor
  • Workaround for weapon reloading on model change
  • Eagle eye plus (let’s you use eagle-eye on horse and while walking faster)

Added Option

  • Give weapon components to revolvers and pistols by hash
  • Load custom anim lists for Rampage Trainer
  • Teleport to a nearest train track
  • Detach vehicle wheels
  • Permanently set core ranks for Arthur and John

Update to game patch 1.0.1436.25

Improved Magnet Gun; Drop Weapon; Aimbot
Fixed typos; various bugs and issues
Re-worked UI backend
Undead Nightmare minigame now features 166 different appearances for zombie models
Auto-save every 30 seconds if enabling sync Toggles
Performance improvements on many functions and submenus
IPL Loader now supports interior loading
Teleport map will show the location of your saddle horse – Rampage Trainer
Implemented a new audio engine to fix all kinds of issues (make sure you have the two plugins from the new files to be able to use them)


Rampage Trainer requires the latest version of Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookRDR2 plugin

In the case dinput8 is not working for you, you can use ScriptHookRDR2.dll and dinput8.dll or version.dll

Rampage is a Trainer / Modification for Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode. So it’s a WIP project that is evolving through time. So there are still have some problems and it has not worked perfectly as expected

This Rampage Trainer mod depends on research and R* Patches, so functions also have to be researched. There are certain borders and limits that need to know such as what is possible and also what R* allows us to do.


nowmods download


RampageThis is an extra version of Rampage with the in-game menus redesigned and certain features removed.
To avoid problems, do not combine config files from the standard build with this on, particularly the Hotkeys and Settings files.
Optional files:
IMAP ListThis xml file contains all imaps in the game. Place it in RampageFiles\Lists
PresencePluginDiscord Presence Plugin, put the file in the plugins folder
Rampage oldUse this versions for game build 1355 and older


  • Extract the .zip file Rampage Trainer
  • Put the Rampage.asi and RampageFiles into your RDR2 Directory.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Alexander Blades ScriptHookRDR2 plugin (ScriptHookRDR2.dll & dinput8.dll)
  • If dinpu8.dll can’t work, you can use version.dll from LMS to load your .asi files.

Another case RDR2 installed on your main drive (C:) or you get any issues regarding not being able to save stuff. Make sure your user account and the user group have the correct permissions for the game folder Rampage Trainer.


Try to delete the RampageFiles folder, download the latest Rampage Trainer version, and restart RDR2 when you encounter the problems below:

  • The issues while loading such as “Settings.json missing” or “Hotkey.json missing”.
  • The issues with loading of textures or any other crashes on startup


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I disable the Prompt that shows open F5?

A1: Navigate to Settings-> Extended UI-> Disable “Open Info”

Q2: How to get out of creator mode Rampage Trainer?

A2: Press Ctrl + C or you can disable this in Settings-> Hotkey Manager-> Disable “Creator Hotkey”

Q3: Why I can’t move and have a cursor on my screen?

A3: Toggled cursor mode by pressing X, or change the Key in Settings-> Hotkey Manager-> “Cursor Key” or disable it completely.

Important Things

To change a specific hotkey in the Rampage Trainer:
Change it in the Hotkey Manager under settings –> click Option –> enter your new hotkey inside the window.

Log files are stored in RampageFiles/Logs
When you change the colors or other settings you need to manually save: Settings -> Load / Save.


Rampage Trainer supports both Keyboard & Gamepad


  • F5: Open Trainer (Can be changed ingame or in the .ini)
  • Arrow Up: Up
  • Arrow Down: Down
  • Left Arrow: Left
  • Right Arrow: Right
  • Backspace: Back
  • Enter: Select

 Use numpad to control the trainer

  • Press RB and A: Open Trainer (XBox Controller)
  • Press R1 and X: Open Trainer (PS4 Controller)
  • DPAD Up: Up
  • DPAD Down: Down
  • DPAD Left: Left
  • DPAD Right: Right
  • B/Circle: Back
  • A/X: Select

If you are a fan of Rampage Trainer or RDR2 mods, don’t skip these pieces:


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